View Full Version : ALPA (US) and SQ006 Flight Crew Release

25th Jul 2001, 21:45
In October 2000, the Taiwanese government detained the flight crew of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ006 after being involved in a fatal accident at Taipei-Chang Kai Shek Airport.

IFALPA and its member unions called for the crew's release, which the Taiwanese government ignored. At the direction of ALPA's(US)president, Capt. Duane Woerth, Capt. Dennis Dolan (ALPA's IFALPA representative) and the government Affairs Department weighed in with members of the US Congress who were friendly to Taiwan as well as with the lobbying firms that represent Taiwan's interests in Washington, D.C.
ALPA and others explained the dangerous precedent set in not releasing the flight crew and the possible consequences. As a result, Taiwan relented and released the crew, who returned to Singapore.

Recently ALPA (US) wrote to the Ministers of Justice and Transportation urging them not to criminally prosecute the pilots, unless they find proof of gross negligence or wilful misconduct.