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11th Feb 2006, 17:00
I gather that an XL 767 had to return to Gatwick yesterday. They are rumoured to have had a problem with their leading edge devices. Additionally, they may have had difficulty handling the aircraft prior to conducting the air turn back. Any accurate news?

12th Feb 2006, 13:47
TF-ATT made an RTO on Friday morning at MAN. Not sure what the problem was though. Managed to get it right on the second attempt anyway.

12th Feb 2006, 16:45
Thanks G-DALE

A ServiceAir ramp agent told me about the Excel returning to Gatwick under a Mayday. Probably B.S

12th Feb 2006, 17:22
Might have something to do with the 24+ delay on SFB . Due in this morning but showing delayed

12th Feb 2006, 19:47
I saw an Excel B767 departing 27R at Heathrow around 2.30pm yesterday!!!.


12th Feb 2006, 19:58
Hi There,

I don't wish to do any excel bashing here or anything but just provide fellow PPruners with updated info.

The 767 that was suppose to operate the LGW-SFB yesterday was tech at gatwick, then after an hour or so in the air returned to gatwick with further problems, what they were im not sure.

An Air Atlanta 747 came to the rescue today but made a full emergency landing at gatwick, again, not sure what the problem is. From what i hear, the aircraft left gatwick about 1800 today after returning to stand with another problem.

And its not even summer yet !!!!

Sorry if the above info upsets anyone and please delete if you feel it not suitable to the post.


12th Feb 2006, 20:10
sorry, just to add to the above.

Well done to the XLA guys and girls who had to deal with the passengers, i'm sure it can't of been easy for them.

By the way, i don't work for excel, the only way i found out the info was from my own ops team as our aicraft was holding untill the 747 had landed.


13th Feb 2006, 00:00
Scheduled ops ex LHR Saturday - one off charter to SZG (no slot at LGW available)- should have been B757 but due AOG in fleet changed to B767.............................

13th Feb 2006, 11:34
Ok guys, as I under stand things, The rason for the LHR flying is nothing other than slots for the flts they were operating, it appers that we could get them more easly for there than LGW, I can say any thing about the MAN 747, How ever according to my despatch department the 767 had a flap proplem so returned to LGW, where due to the nature of the fault and other issues the pax were flown to SFB on sunday this was on a 747, and the 767 then went to SSH.

13th Feb 2006, 11:47
I saw it at LHR also Sat afternoon, thought it was on ACMI lease to Elal as parked in their usual spot at T1. unsual..

13th Feb 2006, 13:07
the problem with with tf-att was flaps, and the problem with the 747 tf-ame was when positioning empty there was smoke on the flight deck the flight crew were on oxygen! it emergancy landed at lgw on the runway in the wrong direction from what the traffic was going.

13th Feb 2006, 14:01
Poor old Xcel, yet again getting shafted with Icelandic registered aircraft:hmm:

13th Feb 2006, 15:57
The thing is Air Atlanta and Excel are all part of the Avion Group. Things are getting better all the 757's are on the Xl AOC and the 767 should be on by may, as for the 747's the will stay with iceland I belive, The group has just brought Star airlines in france and they also aquired A german A320 operator that went / or was going bust. I know there has been massive improvments on the 75/76 fleets and things get better day by day, every airline has the odd problem, we are no different.

Also with in the group we have 8 B777 freighters on order and some 744's going to be chopped in to freighters, as for the Pax side at Excel we hear they are looking at B777 pax A/c at this time to replace the classic 747, but as and when they come who knows, I guess when you see one take off then you will belive it. we as acompany are going in the right direction all be it with a few proplems, but then again we only came on to the charter market just over 5 years ago, Not to bad really.

13th Feb 2006, 16:09
I saw the 767 land over the weekend. Looked like partial flaps/slats and would imagine locked. Very quick, very flat and very positive as you would expect.

Had to smile when I heard about the last return to stand tho! All those delays etc etc. The crew had forgot to align/ were not aligned, the INS's! Oh well, wots another 20 mins! Still, could be a rumour, heard that bit 3rd hand from a tuggie!

13th Feb 2006, 18:55
Thanks for the info. I guess if there was any "Jet Upset" in the recovery to LGW then it will come out with the CAA report.