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21st Sep 2001, 22:04
heard dxb apt is closed .... appraently there is a russian carrier involved ..dont have any details now ....

Rocket Polish
22nd Sep 2001, 01:39
An Aeroflot aircraft belly-landed on runway and authorities do not expect reopening until midday.
Unfortunately the other remaining runway is unavailable as it is being prepared for CAT3 operation.

22nd Sep 2001, 05:09
brief news that Aeroflot (SU) IL-86 (widebody, up to 350 seats) involved. nobody injured - at least by news report.
by the way - it is first serious incident with IL-86 since maiden flight.

bravo 2-0
22nd Sep 2001, 07:59
Gulf Daily News Report Sat 22nd Sept

Dubai airport shut as jet crash-lands


Hundreds of airline
passengers were
stranded in Bahrain
last night after a
Russian airliner
crash-landed in
Dubai, closing its
airport until later

The Aeroflot Flight 521 from Moscow came down yesterday evening
at the Dubai airport with one of its engines on fire. No one was
injured in the incident.

The Ilyushin-86 aircraft was carrying 307 passengers and a crew of

However, the accident and the subsequent closure of the airport
disrupted regional airline traffic, with all inbound flights to Dubai
diverted to a number of Gulf airports, including Bahrain International

A Civil Aviation Affairs spokesman told the GDN last night that more
than 400 travellers were stranded in Bahrain, and several hundred
more trying to reach Bahrain were grounded in Dubai.

He said only one Dubai-bound flight was re-routed to Bahrain

Emirates Flight 40 from Birmingham to Dubai was diverted to
Bahrain, landing here at 10.45pm.

The CAA spokesman said he did not know how many passengers
were aboard the aircraft. However, he said they were placed in
several Bahrain hotels for the night.

He said the plane would likely take off for Dubai sometime this
morning, but he could not provide a scheduled departure time. Local
Emirates officials could not be reached for comment.

Dubai airport duty manager Abdulla Al Towaidi told the GDN last
night that three flights scheduled from Dubai to Bahrain were

He said Gulf Air Flight 509 was scheduled to arrive in Bahrain at

Mr Al Towaidi said the plane had 59 passengers, and that they were
accommodated in area hotels for the night.

He said the flight would likely not be re-scheduled, and said
passengers would be placed on other flights to Bahrain today.

Mr Al Towaidi said Cathay Pacific Flight 730, which originated in
Hong Kong with a stop-over in Dubai, was supposed to land in
Bahrain at 9.25pm.

He said Iran Asseman Airlines (IAA) Flight 6956, which originated in
Bander Abbas with a stop-over in Dubai, was scheduled to arrive at
the Bahrain airport at 9.50pm.

Both the Cathay and IAA planes were on the ground when the
accident occurred.

He did not know how many passengers were aboard either flight or
the status of the passengers. Cathay Pacific and IAA officials in
Bahrain could not be reached for comment.

Four flights from Bahrain to Dubai were affected by last night's

Two non-stop flights from Bahrain to Dubai were cancelled, a third
flight re-routed to Al Ain, and a fourth remained grounded in Doha.

Emirates Flight 244 was supposed to leave Bahrain at 7.50pm.

Gulf Air Flight 508 was scheduled to depart from Bahrain at 9.10pm

The CAA spokesman did not know how many passengers were
aboard either flights, nor did he know the status of the passengers.

Gulf Air Flight 506 was scheduled to depart from Bahrain airport at
8pm. The Muscat-bound flight which had a stop-over in Dubai, left
at 9.15pm and was diverted to Al Ain International Airport.

The CAA spokesman said passengers here were advised of the
route change before boarding the aircraft, and that several chose
not to take the flight.

Al Ain International Airport night manager Ahmad Ransool told the
GDN that more than a dozen passengers disembarked the aircraft,
and that they were taken by mini-vans to Dubai.

Mr Ransool did not know how many passengers remained on board,
but said the plane continued on to Muscat without incident.

Gulf Air Flight 518 departed from Bahrain at 10.15pm. The plane
landed in Doha, and was supposed to continue onto Dubai.

A Doha International Airport spokesman told the GDN last night the
flight would remain on the ground until morning. He did not know
how many passengers were on the Doha-Dubai sector, or their

22nd Sep 2001, 10:54

22nd Sep 2001, 12:02
The second RWY in DXB has been re-opened and flights are slowing getting back to normal.

22nd Sep 2001, 23:24
For minimum inconvenience to pax, is Bahrain really an alternative, with Abu Dhabi only a hour away, and Sharjah less than that?

22nd Sep 2001, 23:45
Newswatcher!!!! Are you flying, driving, walking or crawling, in that hour from Dxb to Auh?

22nd Sep 2001, 23:52
OBBI is a great alternate when OMAA,OMSJ,OMRK,OMAL,OMFJ,AND OOMS are reporting that they are not accepting any more diverting aircraft and OBBI is on your routing. Better to dump in early than **** away your gas looking for a place to land when you could have landed an hour prior. Just thinking that when twenty or thirty airplanes are all trying to get to the same place and it is not open that a sure bet is your safest bet. Happy landings equal happy pax :rolleyes:

Guy D'ageradar
23rd Sep 2001, 00:42
How about it yakkity/late landing/fweeeeep, any inside info?

regards to all.

23rd Sep 2001, 21:25
Scan x 3, that's driving. Should get from AUH to DXB side of Jebel Ali in an hour, if my memory serves me well! But I haven't tried since 1995.
:) :)