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6th Jan 2006, 18:05
Zero tolerance flights at Cargolux beginning 6th of January

Cargolux pilots will begin a Zero Tolerance campaign beginning 6th of January

In answer to the deadlock in the Collective Work Agreement negotiations, Cargolux pilots are planning a Zero Tolerance campaign starting on the 6th of January.

Since 1999 Cargolux management has evaded entering negotiations for a new Collective Work agreement. With large investments planned for the coming years Cargolux has finally deemed it necessary to start discussions on a new Collective Work Agreement. Simply put the company has asked the pilots to finance part of these investments.

The company has not heeded the pilots’ claims regarding safety, rest time and social issues and has attempted to impose a new CWA text that degrades already unsustainable working conditions.

Faced with an unacceptable and final “non-negotiable” offer and the refusal to enter serious negotiations, the pilots representative association (ALPL, see www.alpl.lu) has elected to start a Zero Tolerance campaign in order to find an acceptable solution to the social conflict.

7th Jan 2006, 04:02
Zero tolerance of what? Are you implying that Cargolux pilots are currently flying in violation of CAA regulations?:confused:

Wake Turbulence
7th Jan 2006, 04:19
Do you mean they are planning a work-to-rule campaign?

7th Jan 2006, 08:11
Work-to-rule is the more commonly word, that describes the situation.

7th Jan 2006, 11:44
Cargolux is probably one of the few non English speaking airlines who communicate internally in English - there are around 24 different nationalities in the flight-deck alone. This has lead to a few peculiar terms being adopted, possibly being a translation from other languages or from US English.

So in addition to the above

Zero Tolerance Campaign = Work to Rule

Off Days = Days Off
Vacation = Leave
Pairings = Trips
On the Road = Downroute

and most curiously of all

Proceeding = positioning

This last is used predominately by the Germans and I have never been able to work out what "proceeding" has to do with positioning in any definitioning in an English dictionary.

Off thread but just a bit of background info. I am sure there any others I have forgotten!

7th Jan 2006, 17:47
Oh my, I do hope they will be able to inculcate this with the Evergreen folks!

Joe le Taxi
7th Jan 2006, 20:31
"Simply put the company has asked the pilots to finance part of these investments."

It would seem reasonable therefore, that in return for your 'financing', you could receive equity of the Cargolux group. It may be worth considering, even if it didn't work out brilliantly for the United pilots.

Pilot Pete
7th Jan 2006, 22:15
Proceeding = positioning
This last is used predominately by the Germans and I have never been able to work out what "proceeding" has to do with positioning in any definitioning in an English dictionary.

I thought it was 'preceeding', as in positioning immediately before a flying duty?


Bird flu
8th Jan 2006, 22:41
flight watch...
u forgot some

spoilt brat= pilot
greedy bu@@ers= management.
safety=more days at home
rest time=hangover recovery
social issue's= explaining about the girfriend to the wife...
collective work agreement=arranging meeting girlfriends

I'm off to find a safehouse in turkey:E

Dan Winterland
9th Jan 2006, 03:12
'bout time too. I was going to take up a position with Cargolux but luckily I was offered something better before I did. The Ts and Cs are OK, but the FTLs and working conditions are shocking.

Good luck lads (and lasses).

spierpoint jones
9th Jan 2006, 13:31


10th Jan 2006, 14:20
I heard this morning that they (the management) are just about to put some one's head in a noose. On zero tolerance he (the victim) decided not to operate MEL- AUK. He has been taken off the line, Lawyers at the ready in LUX.

11th Jan 2006, 06:43
When was that luxfreight? Last weeekend's flight?

11th Jan 2006, 10:25
Not sure which one (flight) but the victim is due back on Friday 13th for the hanging.

11th Jan 2006, 12:16
Didn't "the victim" put his head in a noose himself?

I mean if you're doing a work-to-rule campaign, maybe you should first of all know the rules.

11th Jan 2006, 16:18
Hmm Highloader. -Joined today; first post and already slinging it at the people who are seriously trying to improve our working conditions instead of brownnosing? No one wanted this to go as far as it already have. At the moment we are all hoping that conditions will improve, but it will only happen if we all pull in the same direction. Brgds

11th Jan 2006, 17:35
It has been a few years now, since I left Cargolux and it seems, that things got even worse than they were, when I left. No regrets whatsoever for leaving them. Things are way better now.

The working atmosphere in the cockpit is good (great people), but management makes life generally difficult....yet, worst of all is the rostering (btw, is dragon-lady & her husband still in charge ?....what a joke that was)....and then there is the "Luxembourg factor", which feels like your ears after a rock concert.

In my days there, it seemed, that the pilots generally (certainly most of the German guys) "stuck their heads in the sand", trying to avoid any conflicts or even discussions with management about conditions. It appeared, that most people felt it is not "Gentleman like" to stir the waters. Now, that you are officially treated like blue collars, it might be time to wake up and do something.

There is one truth in life and that is that you don't get what deserve, unless you negotiate it. And part of negotiations happens to be stirring up the waters.

I would almost bet, that not one of the other pilots or ALPL will stick up for that poor soul who is to be "hanged" by management on the 13th. Wake up guys !! Nothing will change, if you don't stick together.
Good Luck

12th Jan 2006, 14:17
is dragon-lady & her husband still in charge ?....what a joke that was
Still is quite a joke...

12th Jan 2006, 15:11
For HighLoader:

It happens that there is a disagreement in the interpretation of a rule.
The text in the FOM is ambiguous.
However Luxemburg authorities are obviously not able, or willing, to give an explanation.
Maybe they are too busy growing the bananas, that you move with your highloader.