View Full Version : A question of sealed cockpits

bugg smasher
25th Oct 2001, 03:31
Apropos of a recent thread regarding cockpit security, it is my feeling that cockpits should be sealed completely from the cabin. Until this has been accomplished, the airliner as a target remains of great interest to the suicidal terrorist, and the flying public is not likely to return to the skies in increasing numbers or with any degree of confidence.

Further, once the threat of intrusion has been removed, the powers that be will hopefully no longer deem it necessary for heavily-armed fighters to roam the skies with the express mission of shooting down errant airliners, or pursue any further the frightening proposal that recently developed UAV technology be installed into the aircraft, allowing complete and autonomous control from the ground. What would happen should a terrorist gain access to said control room, or more plausibly to the control technologies and frequencies that would make interception and remote hijack possible.

My questions; to the engineering types, how should this be accomplished most efficiently; to the cabin crews, how would you feel about being separated completely from the front end crew, and what measures would you like to see implemented in the cabin in such an event.

25th Oct 2001, 04:25
Bugg smasher I think that quite a few cabin crew would be absolutely over the moon if they could be completely seperated from the pilots! :D