View Full Version : Amphibian Throttle position

13th Nov 2005, 18:44
Anyone know why many amphibious aircraft have throttle controls on the overhead (twin otter is an example) ?

13th Nov 2005, 18:58
Maybe because that's where the engines are as they tend to be (are always ?) high wing types with the engines mounted above the flight deck.

Frank Poncherello
14th Nov 2005, 10:26
............designed by an Aussie?!?! :}

14th Nov 2005, 13:50
From a mechanical point of view (easier & lighter cable routing) it makes sense on any high-wing multiengine craft. Also keeps cables out of the bilge.

Types I know of: Grumman amphibs, DHC-4/5/6

14th Nov 2005, 17:24
And the Avro York - not that you are likely to see one of those around any more!