View Full Version : A320 Global Speed Protection

11th Nov 2005, 10:06
Can anyone shed some light on the "Global Speed Protection" on the A320? The way I understand is that let's say as an example, if you were to fly an ILS approach manually and go-around without pulling sufficiently back on the stick the speed will increase to the barber pole +some knts and then the aircraft will pitch up by itself to maintain Vfe. If that is correct, is there a change in behaviour if TOGA is applied late, just before flare mode kicks in and the stab starts to trim down. In other words, is it possible to overspeed the aircraft seriously in normal mode during a goaround by not following the FD (no input to the stick)?

Dream Land
12th Nov 2005, 08:16
I'm not an expert but some of what I know includes the following, used to be after V/S'ing down to the slope if the airspeed increases to above Vfe you would encounter a reversion to OPEN descent, now the airplane just reduces the V/S and does not revert! Also I can't select .82 now, but you can select airspeed instead of Mach and nudge the cruise speed up toward Mmo. Don't have an answer to your scenario.