View Full Version : Procedures for B747-400

7th Nov 2005, 03:19
Hi folks
I'd like to know if someone can give me information about the recommended B744 procedures and techniques for some maneuvers, for example:
- Steep turns
- Approach to stall series
- One engine fail during rotation 1 or 4 ... or 2 or 3.
- Flap speed schedule (retraction and extension - normal and one eng. inop)
- ILS and go around procedures with one eng fail.
PM if you require.

7th Nov 2005, 04:28
.. someone's up for an employment sim ride ? .. best luck ..

8th Nov 2005, 00:26
Steep turns: Add a couple % N1.

Stalls: Clean - Full thrust and wings level at first buffet. Fly it out; easy with the nose. Dirty: Full thrust, wings level, nose to pitch limit indicator; when level/climbing, accelerate to maneuver speed; resume climb.

V1 cut (1 or 4): Full rudder initially. If runway length allows, keep nose on runway until yaw is stable. After airborne, use enough rudder to keep yoke level.

V1 cut (2 or 3): You may not even notice it...

Flap schedule: Follow the bugs on the PFD.

3-engine ILS: Same as 4-engine. Keep balanced with rudder.