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24th Oct 2001, 10:53
Just heard from a mate in BA's overseas pool that they have been given a 30% increase to their ovreseas meal allowances.
Two years ago this was cut by 30%.................Seems a strange time to put them back on the full amount. Actuals or not :mad: .
While the rest of us are taking pay cuts....

Well, again the BA management have done it again!!!!!


24th Oct 2001, 13:02
The OSEs used to get a daily allowance, unlike everyone else in TMG (Technical Management Group). That anomaly has now changed and they may only claim actuals but they can now claim up to the normal ground staff allowance (which is more than they used to get).
The ground staff allowance is still far lower than the allowances paid to flight and cabin crew.

25th Oct 2001, 00:43
The remuneration rate for QUALIFIED aircraft engineers is way too low, worldwide.

What is being done here will have, in cash terms, a minimal effect on BA.Losing A&C licenses will have a severely detrimental effect even on a reduced BA fleet.

I appreciate that the timing is sub-optimal, but I don't have a problem with this. (Even when we will be taking a significant pay cut.)

I would, however, be incandescent if the recipients of such a rise were residents of the mall on the A4.....

A and C
25th Oct 2001, 12:07
These guys have one of the toughest in the aviation industry ,when its all going fine it seems like a good job but the shine goes off it when you have to change a brake unit on a helsinki winters night without the aid of a hanger.

The pay for engineers has always been far below what it should be for the responsability and qualifications required for the job.

I for one dont begrudge these guys one penny of this rise in allowances.

25th Oct 2001, 13:14
The point I was trying to make is that they're getting a *cut* in allowances.
They used to be paid a fixed amount whether they used it or not. Now they need receipts for everything even though they may claim more than their previous allowance.
IOW, they can't make a profit on the allowances any more.
There are only 50 odd OSEs now (most engineers overseas are on local contracts) so taking a few quid off a few people (when thousands of pilots and cabin crew still get lots of quids in night stop allowances) is petty in the extreme.

A and C
26th Oct 2001, 11:42
For just a moment then i was thinking that the engineers might have started to get the respect from the BA managment that they deserve but it seems that nothing changes and the treatment of this vital part of the workforce is as bad as ever.

When i worked for them a cabin crew member with six weeks service could if careful with the allowances take home more money than a LHR based licenced engineer with two full type aprovals.

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3rd Nov 2001, 21:43
This is a bad business...

We are one of the few areas in BA Engineering to make money and Our new boss has decimated us.

I can not understand why BA senior management is allowing this to happen.

The Allowance fiasco has just lost any good will that 50 of the hardest working Ėngineers, anywhere, had towards the company

Just Makes me sick, :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

3rd Nov 2001, 23:41
BA Engineering always has , and always will, be an organisation which will never enjoy a harmoneous or motivated workforce - unless the present middle and senior management and their destructive policies are removed. Unfortunately at the moment that seems unlikely, mores the pity.

Unfortunately they may well destroy the organisation and with it a few thousand jobs if they are allowed to carry on unhindered.

5th Nov 2001, 21:56
I think that the whole problem is...... ENVY :rolleyes: ...

Our new bosse Imagine that we are by a Pool somewhere sipping G&Ts..
I am sure that in the past this would have been a fair assumption.
HOWEVER, today, we are a hard working group. I have a colleague who is currently working in XXX and is on his 10th straight day. Earlier this year the same chap worked a transit in YXX, got on the aircraft, flew to LHR, got on another aircraft to ZZZ and worked a late shift. How many other departments would work these hours as a matter of course?
What would the CAA do if they knew??? (Oh, nothing. As they are in BAs pocket!)

There are 50 of us with similar stories, and our bosses in Line Maintenance still think we are pulling a fast one :rolleyes: .

I understand that we are all refusing to take the 5% pay cut. In effect we have already lost 20%. Enough is enough.

If anyone from Emirates reads this I think you might be able to snap us up in a shot :D .

If I'm going to lose my job it should be after we all gave it our best shot, not because some envious bast@rd does not have the foresight to use us to the maximum effect.