View Full Version : How will cargo airlines be affected?

19th Sep 2001, 22:54
I`m just about to start flying for a prodominantly cargo airline and I was wondering how this crisis in the aviation industry might effect cargo operations in Europe & the rest of the world.

Does anybody know???? I`m very worried !!!

The Guvnor
19th Sep 2001, 23:15
Prior to the 11th September, things looked bleak for the cargo airlines. However, with a US blanket ban on belly cargo, this could be its saviour. However, I don't know if the ban on belly cargo will apply to the UK/Europe.

Hope that helps.

Kaptein Max
20th Sep 2001, 03:21
Cargo airlines will see a drop in revenue because of the recession. I think the operations will be less affected than for passenger flying, since it is difficult to cut frequencies in a route structure dominated by "once a night" flights. And there is no "leisure" cargo.