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23rd Oct 2001, 16:39
From airliners.net:-

Unfortunately, the events of September 11 put paid to our transatlantic plans - at least with L1011s. It's a pity, because with low fuel prices and ultra low capital costs, the L1011 would cream just about every other aircraft out there at the moment!

23rd Oct 2001, 16:48
Shades of Jo Moore?

23rd Oct 2001, 17:20
Old news
If you had been paying more attention to PPrune you would have noted that he posted that news here in the Topic "Who is this Guvnor Bloke Anyway" on Jet Blast more than 2 days ago :D ;) :D

The Guvnor
23rd Oct 2001, 17:30
Actually I said on here well before September 11 that our plans had been postponed until early 2003 because of the time it takes to get an AOC, OL, DOT402 etc - the September 11 events were simply the final nail in the coffin.

Incidentally, for the Afrikaans speakers amongst us, Jo Moore (jou moer) means something quite different! :D :D :D

23rd Oct 2001, 17:38

Obviously you would not have pursued the idea if it wasn't at least somewhat realistic. Can you give us an inkling of what might be next?

Respectfully posted

23rd Oct 2001, 17:57
normally it's still top secret, but the GUVNOR plans a new airline called CELTAVIA.

He wants to buy some well maintained VC-10's
from the RAF very soon. This plane was once very popular by pilots and pax.
If the deal with the RAF doesn't work, he soon will try to get some
CV990's from the mojave desert (also very popular plane at it's time), trying to reactivate some ex-SPANTAX-pilots.

If all this doesn't work, he will introduce a real workhorse: the TU-154B. Here the high fuel comsumtion is compensated by the relatively cheap aircraft. The only problem would be the noise reduction. But that applies to the both other aircraft types,too!

For shorter domestic routes he still is looking for some cheap F-27 ........

The Guvnor
23rd Oct 2001, 18:16
Actually, I was thinking of Retro-Air - Viscounts, Tridents, BAC1-11s, Comets, Vickers Vikings, Argosy's etc etc.

Of course, I realise that finding flyable versions of those aircraft might be rather difficult - as indeed would be compliance with CAA standards and noise restrictions - but this is not an issue in the country that I've found as a base!

Terribly nice people as well - very helpful. All we have to do is provide training to their wannabes.

Anyone know where somewhere called Kandahar is? :D :eek: :D

23rd Oct 2001, 18:50
Try hitching a lift on a cruise missile, :D :D :D

The Nr Fairy
23rd Oct 2001, 18:50
I know where's a museum Argosy in reasonable nick - check the Cowbash pirep for details !