View Full Version : Can I have my poppy back please?

23rd Oct 2001, 00:21
Flying from GLA to STN today, airport security say that I cannot wear my poppy on the aircraft as the metal pin represents a risk under the new security restrictions.
Despite identifying myself several times over and proving that I am a(allegedly :D )responsible aviation professional, they wouldn't play ball.
The metal pin wouldnt detach from the poppy itself, so I ask them to put it in an envelope and hand it to Servisair, to give to the cabin crew, which they said they would, and subsequently assured me that they had.
Arrive in STN, suprise suprise, the cabin crew know nothing about it, and are extremely embarrassed about the whole thing.
They said they'd pass the matter on to the captain for further progression, I didnt have time to stop and find out if they did, nor have I heard anything since.
The British Legion got my 2 quid, which I suppose is the important thing, but it's a sad reflection on someone at GLA.
Ho Hum......................... :(

23rd Oct 2001, 00:28
Whilst on same subject, I hope the guy that confiscated my lighter at Manila security will hand it back to me next week when I re-enter. I can remeber his face vividly, and after all the lighter cost me 50 pesos. I had to beg a light at Hong Kong during stop-over, because fortunately the security services recognised their passenger's need to maintain their nicotine levels. That's worse than eating with a plastic knife and fork!

Pete Otube
23rd Oct 2001, 00:30
Is this how far we've come on Rumours and News - non-flying poppies?

23rd Oct 2001, 00:34
Pete, get a grip mate, we certainly need some light relief before all the pessimists around here have us commiting hari-kari.

23rd Oct 2001, 01:12
Anyone had any difficulty with their PPRuNe wings?

23rd Oct 2001, 02:35
Yes BEagle, mine don't work; couldn't get airborne, gonna ask for refund!

23rd Oct 2001, 02:36
Well,let me see...

The following items I no longer own, but have bought replacements for..

Toenail-clipppers, Brut deodorant in a can, power cord for my P.C, telephone extension cord, floppy disks etc, magnetic tape cartridge....and the list goes on.

Really is a sick old world we live in.

23rd Oct 2001, 02:44

Had absolutely no probs with the PPRuNe wing so far. I'm wearing them proudly through this troublesome time. Believe me Horatio: mine do fly! :D

Squawk 8888
23rd Oct 2001, 03:04
That's worse than eating with a plastic knife and fork!Fly AC instead- meals are served with itty bitty plastic knives and big honkin' steel forks :confused: