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18th Sep 2001, 18:10
Aer Lingus may have to shed 1000 jobs, garage 3 A330 and 2 A320 or 321, and abandon a trans-atlantic route to cut costs after the recent attack. :(
Unions will be told today about the losses which include cabin crew, pilots, ground handling and admin. but 500 are going to be seasonal :(

A spokeman said "Its a totally new ballgame since Tuesday"

:mad: :mad: :mad:

18th Sep 2001, 21:33
This just announced:

"Jobs to go as Aer Lingus slashes capacity"

Aer Lingus Scraps two US services

Following a meeting between Aer Lingus management and unions this afternoon, the airline has announced that it intends to cut its operations by 25%.

Over 600 temporary staff will be let go, while the SIPTU union said it was clear the airline's plans would also affect permanent jobs.

After the meeting, called to discuss the impact of last week's events in the US on the airline's business, SIPTU called on the Government to take the ownership issue off the agenda for at least the next three to five years.

Seven aircraft will be taken out of the fleet - two transatlantic jumbos and five short-haul planes. The transatlantic services to Newark and Washington will be discontinued from October.

SIPTU national industrial secretary Noel Dowling the union was 'shocked' by the information it received. He said it had been advised that a major cash crisis would hit the company by early next year.

Airline shares have plummeted since the attacks in New York and Washington, because of fears that falling passenger numbers, the shutdown in air travel in the past few days and the higher costs of new security measures will drain billions from the industry this year.

18th Sep 2001, 23:08
Ah Well, Ive had a few good years there, made senior last summer :cool: Ok Time to go have a baby so :)

Such a shame but thats life :confused:

Tom the Tenor
19th Sep 2001, 00:00
Shera, sure you might as well have twin babies while you are at it and then you can have the rest later! Regards, TTT.

19th Sep 2001, 21:21
Too bad for ALT
i hear they are in meetings with Mary and Co.
for extra funding to help the company survive in the light of past events????
If so then why are the US airlines being slatted for doing the exact same thing in Congress on another topic in pprune???
US airlines are being called shamefull for looking for support from the Bush Administration yet ALT can cut jobs ask Mary for money and nothing is said.....something amiss here....i think abit of US airline bashing going on here...well on the other topic.....
I guess it's times like this that ALT should look at it's management and their long term plan and see what really is being done to protect the workers in the future and not just next week.......
Too bad for the furloughs if they are put in place have a few friends working there and would hate to see them lose their jobs....
But it's dodgy all over here too... :confused: :(

Jet A1
21st Sep 2001, 00:24
I hear the cadets have been canned (45 of them) regardless of position in their courses.....

3 A330's
1 A321
2 A320 (Due 2002 Cncld)
1 B737-400 (Going on lease)
2 BAe146's

Thats the grouneded acft plan for winter !! Not good times at all !!!

EI - E I - O
21st Sep 2001, 02:08
I really feel sorry for the cadets, its not very encouraging for them. I cannot help feeling that ALT, (who maybe not are the only ones) are using the tragedy last week to their full advantage. They this week can lay off people, aircraft and routes and the unions have their hands tied. It may yet be the salvation of the company, but I just feel management are taking advantage of the situation. I wouldnt like to be forking out for the penalty clauses,(or maybe I will, as a tax payer?) to the leasing companies on those two 330's they want to get rid of, or are they simply gettin rid of the staff and subbing the machine until next summer??

condolences to the fledglings, you will just have to grow up very quickly, spread your wings and leave the nest--but where to?

21st Sep 2001, 18:13
The cheap low cost airline that seems to be the only airline in the globe making money,
will gladly accept their applications. Is it true Ryanair now have a book value greater than BA? Could'nt be true irrespective of BA's share price.
To those shafted cadets.write to Mr O'Leary, he may be a hard taskmaster but if your right fit he will give you a job some where in the British Isles. As EI O says all is not lost

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23rd Sep 2001, 14:00
Hi there
The whole point about getting rid of cadets is that they are the cheapest to dump.No redundo,no bond,the money for their training is already spent...spare a thought for the engineering apprentices who are also nearly finished their training and who will probably get the shove.Not to mention the loaders,catering staff and all the rest who are joining the dole queue.As far as cadets are concerned,if they really are interested,they'll go to the bank and finish off the course themselves.Incidentally,the Company claims it does not have the money to pay redundo to those who get the chop from the permies,despite having 600m in the coffers.
TDD :confused:

23rd Sep 2001, 23:41
TDD,you have to look on the bright side.They are getting rid of 2 14sicks.Ah,there is a God.Only another 6 to go!!!!!!!! :D :D :D