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30th Sep 2005, 21:53
I hope someone out there has a clue to this.
Had both CABIN ALT AUTO 1 and 2 fail on climb (767-300ER), fine on manual (as far as that goes) turned back and had Right Air Data Computer replaced. Problem solved. We also noticed some difference between L & R ALT (200 ft), which was solved with instrument swithcing (R ALT erroneous).

The engineer that replaced the ADC claimed that both Cabin Alt Controllers were hooked up to the right ADC. I cant find any reference to this in the FCOM nor the DDG.

Anyone know this? I would have thought that this was silly by Mr. Boeing not to hook it up to separate ADCs.



30th Sep 2005, 22:22
hy o/c,

I had a brief look at the SSM (system schematics manual), and figured out that both ADC`s are hooked to the AUTO2 pressure controller. The AUTO1 controller gets its data through the cross data bus.
If you want more detail information feel free to contact me via PM.