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spierpoint jones
28th Sep 2005, 14:58
Can some one be kind enough to help me understand ...why with a deu failure ,the engine is worried about corrupt data via the eec to have it fall into soft mode. I was under the impression that the deu was merely transforming digital data to the visual format for the display units....what is the connection of eec and deu.?

I remain catatonic until your expert answers arrive....

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28th Sep 2005, 15:57
Hy Jones!

This is from the Part 1 AMM:

The ADIRU sends total air pressure and temperature data to the EEC. The EEC uses this data to control engine thrust.

The FMC controls the CDU. The FMC gets and sends CDU commands to the EEC through the DEUs. The FMC also supplies some airplane data to the EEC through the DEUs. The CDU shows EEC maintenance data and sends commands to the EEC to do system BITE tests.

The FDAU collects engine parameter data. It sends this data to the flight data recorder (FDR).