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21st Oct 2001, 19:27
Recently got refused to enter UK rvsm airspace, I thought they at the moment could only legally refuse UK reg. aircraft.funny that we are welcome everywhere else.And according to Embraer and eurocontrol the 145 is ok for rvsm. Any one with more info? :)

21st Oct 2001, 22:45
The UK Safety Regulation Group has decreed that E135 and E145 aircraft must have the non-RVSM 2000 ft vertical separation applied within UK airspace, regardless of claims of compliance by the crew/company/manufacturer. Apparently monitoring has revealed a greater-than-acceptable variation of level in cruising flight (likewise the Avro RJ / 146 series). Whilst RVSM capability is not yet legally required above FL280, even in UK airspace, UK ATC have the option to deny non-RVSM aircraft access to such airspace for traffic reasons. That, in effect, means when using 2000 ft separation would result in a reduction of sector capacity (by effectively sterilising the levels 1000 ft above and below the non-RVSM traffic).

Hope that explanation clarifies things.

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23rd Oct 2001, 01:28
To put it simply. All RVSM equals a busy sector. One non RVSM equals a less busy sector because we have to devote soo much effort into maintaining your separation against all the others who are RVSM qualified ... so we can't handle as much traffic overall ... ergo E135 /145 stay FL280 and below until Mr Embraer sorts out his problems.

Sorry but for the greater good etc... :eek: