View Full Version : B737 Flap 2 setting

27th Sep 2005, 18:22
Who, why, what and where ? would you use the Flap 2 setting on the 73. Why is it there. ?

27th Sep 2005, 19:28
In certain cases it will give the highest takeoff weight which in turn can be converted into a thrust reduction, hence saving the company money......

Thats the theory anyway.......


28th Sep 2005, 14:16

Flap 2 was designed for the 737-200, as a t/o option, it has no use in the 737-300 to 900 series, thats why it is there!

you would use flap 2 on a long runway, it is also a benefit for the 4 climb segments, I think also the 2 segment but don't quote me on this statement!

29th Sep 2005, 15:27
Also heard that flap 2 is a good flap setting to have a high descent rate at low speed... (around 200 kias)
Any comments ?

30th Sep 2005, 13:15
For the 737-3/4/500s, we used to use flap 2 on approach, before the flap-speed schedule was changed in year 2000 to increase the block speeds of the lower flap settings. The schedule below 53,070kg was: Flap up - 210, Flap 1 - 190, Flap 2 180, Flap 5 170, Flap 10 160, Flap 15 150. So if you wanted at fly at 180kts you used flap 2.

It was considered good practice to work your way down through every flap setting and be within 10kts of each schedule speed before selecting the next stage of flap all the way to landing flap to reduce loads on the flaps.