View Full Version : Sourcing manuals for retired aircraft

25th Sep 2005, 02:47
I have a project under way to create a budget airline in New Zealand and wonder if anybody knows where I can source ops and maintenance manuals etc for former Southwest 737-200s ?

I need these to acquire an AOC from the local authorities. Any advice or mentoring etc is also gratefully accepted.

25th Sep 2005, 08:29
Putting it another way, how difficult would it be to adapt an ops manual from a 737-200 with different engines and other specs ?
Southwest -200s had the JT8D-9 engines. I suppose it is a given then that one would need to adapt a manual written at least for a similar powered 737-200 ?

Apart from variations in company practices by preference (ie habits) what other barriers are there to adapting a pre existing manual from a different 737-200 operator ?

25th Sep 2005, 11:18
The AFM and maintenance manuals are serial and line number unique. If you are a legitimate owner or operator of the aircraft, Boeing can provide you with the manuals for your serial number(s).