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20th Oct 2001, 19:54
How long will it be until BA start buying new airplanes? Will the terrorist attacks speed up the 757/767 retirement process?

20th Oct 2001, 20:15
As a "personal" [non-airline] view.
I think that "BA" will concentrate [rather] more on the "London Environment" as a "Main Line" Carrier. The "Provinces", will be either a, Downsized, or b, Farmed out [yet again] to "regional" operators.
Looking at "True" competition, ie same routes/timings/capacity, BA are losing the battle [at least at MAN]. This really is a bit of a shame, because the "local" staff work rather hard at their job.
EG, MAN-FRA BA-E145. Cometition, A320.
BA- <40pax. Comp>100 :confused:
That, as an ignorant Airtrafficer is my bit
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy