View Full Version : USAir's captains to fill United's left seats???

Mad Dog 11
1st May 2001, 21:24
I was told by a friend that the failure rate for upgrades for captains at United is close to 70%. That is one of the reasons the company wants to merge with USAir. They would be able to have experienced captains to immediately fill their left seats in order not to hamper their growth. Is this true, and if so is it OK with the union???

1st May 2001, 21:49
Maybe the failure rate for UAL captains should be 70% but it isn't. Many pilots were hired with unusually low experience levels a few years ago for legal reasons, they are now upgrading and UAL is anxious to get some experience in the right seat to keep an eye on the captain.

Doesn't look like the UAL-AAA merger is a done deal though...