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20th Oct 2001, 09:04
Just back from a trip to LAX and amazed how security procedures are relaxed over there.
Upon boarding, we passed easily our hand luggage through a meager X-ray and that was all (one of our stewardesses nail trimmer eventually managed to pass).
No closer IDs inspection or passports showing.
It seems that there was no change from pre Sep 11 procedures, at least if you are wearing uniforms and showing IDs. In Europe is mostly the same.
Strangely enough, in certain countries not directly involved with terrorism threats, like Brazil, for instance, security at the airports are taken much more seriously.

20th Oct 2001, 09:17
A co-worker just went from LAX to New Orleans. One pax was allowed to show her day planner as ID, one on the aircraft was using a ticket issued to another person.

But it did manage to take over 3 hours to check in, get on the flight.

I'll find out next week first hand what's up, flying LAX-TPE.

20th Oct 2001, 09:20
yep, and look how it is in Miami no wonder some of the Hijackers got into the USA with no more than a few questions, no background checks etc.....

Miami immigration official nabbed for taking bribes.....

MIAMI (Reuters) - Federal agents arrested an immigration supervisor at Miami International Airport Friday on charges of collecting bribes to allow aliens to enter the country illegally,

Fredy Barragan, a supervisory inspector for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) at the airport, was charged with bribery, conspiracy, forging an immigrant permit, inducing an alien to enter the United States unlawfully, and other offenses.

Barragan's wife, Katherine, and his sister-in-law, Monica Andrioli, were also arrested on charges of conspiring to solicit bribes for him and transferring an illegal identification document, said U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis.

If convicted on all the charges, Barragan could face up to 50 years in prison.

John Bulger, acting district director for the INS, said the agency was committed to purging its ranks of employees who break the law.

"We will do everything, and I mean everything, in our power to bring these people to justice. It is a painful process for the rest of our employees who don't break the law, but it is a necessary one," Bulger said.

20th Oct 2001, 14:59
I was at LAX the other week, and security was much tighter then usual. Are private cars allowed on the terminal road yet? That seemed the silliest thing to me, but I guess it is just something we have to live with for a while.

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Sharjah Night Shift
20th Oct 2001, 23:53
I had the misfortune to pass through LAX twice last week. It appears that measures have been taken to inconvenience passengers to make them think security has been improved.

If the gate area is meant to be passengers only, how do the bogus charity collectors get past security?

21st Oct 2001, 02:23
....because a judge somewhere deemed they have a constitutional right to be there. With the US constitution seen as being handed down from the pen of God Himself, once it is enshrined in law it will be tough to remove even in the aftermath of Sept 11th. Tom Bradley Int is a sterile terminal yet flights arrive and depart daily and make a profit. Why the other terminals can't be made sterile past check-in is beyond me.

21st Oct 2001, 04:54
Terminal 1 at LAX is sterile. No one without tickets are allowed past security. Today they started to let cars back in the terminal area.

21st Oct 2001, 05:02
At a major U.S. east coast airport, I walked off my airplane and left the airport without any checks whatsoever.

The next day I walked back to my airplane, without any checks whatsoever, nothing.

Granted it was pre Sep. 11. and I was in uniform, but still!!. I was truly amazed and a bit shocked.

21st Oct 2001, 14:30
When I went through EWR in late Sept, the guy infront of me set off the metal detector and was not stopped, or frisked, or anything. He picked up his bags, and went off to the gate. (He was a pax).