View Full Version : Balpa win Ryanair Union recognition ???

24th Jul 2001, 20:03
Looked at the government website and they had the following under balpa v easyjet but it is actually ryanair

24th Jul 2001, 20:50
The panel decided that the appropriate bargaining unit is that proposed by the union, which is all pilots actively engaged in commercial flying for Ryanair and who are based in the United Kingdom (ie at Prestwick, Luton and Stansted).

...let the games begin!

24th Jul 2001, 20:53
I think you will find that all that has been agreed, is that, SHOULD BALPA GET RECOGNITION IN RYANAIR IN THE FUTURE, that it will represent ALL the pilots in the UK, ie Luton & Prestwick, and any other new base the company might decide to open in the UK, not just Stansted. IE the 'bargaining unit' becomes the whole of the UK.

At least it is a step forward.

No doubt MOL will want to punish the pilots in the UK for this somehow. Maybe sack a few more guys...

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Will the last one out please turn off the lights.....


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25th Jul 2001, 05:53
hence the question marks in the title ???

Stand by your man
26th Jul 2001, 00:34
Yeah, you're right. Its a step on the road to regognition. Step 1 is acceptance of a valid case. this was done in May and is also on the website. 1-0 to Balpa. Step 2 is definition of the bargaining unit. 2-0 to Balpa. Step 3 will be a ruling either for compulsory regognition (as Balpa want) or to order a vote (secret, conducted by an independent outside agency, NOT by Bilko) among the pilots in the "bargaining unit" on the question of recognition. The result will be legally binding. Should be 3-0 and a hat-trick for Balpa ;) :D :D :cool:

26th Jul 2001, 13:35
3-0 to Balpa ... hurrah.

But who wins.... exactly? Previous experience in my old outfit does not give me high hopes for you.

26th Jul 2001, 22:20
Can't be worse than it already is...

MOL's "My way or the Highway" attitude are tough to work & live with.

27th Jul 2001, 13:34
Thanks Blogg .. you are the guys living with it i guess.

Speaing as a neighbour at STN I wonder if the lovey dovey (broken)promises from BC and the limp wristed union are any better than MOL aggression. I get the idea that he does exactly what he says he will do (good or bad)which is not particularly usual with bean counters.

I had hoped to join the Ryans becuase from the outside it looks pretty good (money , rosters etc). It is it as good in that area as people say or is that just typical management propaganda?

Good luck with the fight (dont break it though in case i do get an offer sometime!).