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Cloud Chaser
19th Oct 2001, 18:28
This may be old news, but its the first I've heard of it. The combined British Regional/Brymon are seeking pilots.

[http://www.british-regional.com/bace.html] (http://[http://www.british-regional.com/bace.html])

Unfortunately I'm still working on my Navs :( so I don't mind spreading this.

At least someones hiring in these troubled times!
Good luck.

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19th Oct 2001, 19:49
I think you want

citiexpress (http://www.brymon.com/recruitment.htm)

but check out

this (http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=2&t=011101)

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19th Oct 2001, 20:15
Things change very quickly so this may now be out of date but I was told that although citiexpress are short of pilots they could not recruit externally because big BA has a recruitment freeze on!!!!!!!!!

I have also heard that secondments to citiexpress for BA pilots may be on the cards to cover the shortfall within citiexpress and the surplus in BA.

Safe Flying

20th Oct 2001, 03:47
The latest we have heard from management is that a holding pool is being created, particularly of those who can respond quickly should BA relax the recruitment ban.

As for the secondment from mainline, no one wants it except BA management, so we wait! :mad: