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29th Aug 2005, 04:32
I noticed on the front right of the overhead on the 767 there is a light stating the video is on...

Is this some new way of keeping an eye one things, or is it so that the crew will not intterupt the inflight movie with their PA...

Just wondering

cod liver oil
29th Aug 2005, 15:03
I think you just answered your own question!

From B767 ATA 23-32-61.....

A "VIDEO ON" light, located on the cockpit overhead "P5" panel, indicates whenever the video tape reproducer is on and playing.


29th Aug 2005, 16:30
It just puzzled me and I couldn't find an answer anywhere else.

31st Aug 2005, 15:59
on our 757's we have a video on light which is also a master "off" switch for the inflight entertainment system. Fitted after the tragic Swissair MD11 accident

31st Aug 2005, 18:44
What actually happened to the swissair MD-11?

31st Aug 2005, 20:27
Download the final report here


Makes sobering reading. RIP

2nd Sep 2005, 15:54
That "Video On" light indicates that the entertainment system is powered. However, the "Airshow" system uses the distributed video system all the time, so the "Video On" light is on all the time, invalidating the intent of the light. We could do a modification but due to the rules, we'd need an STC and that's very expensive. The simplest choice would be to take the filament out...

How do they (Uncle Bill Boeing) do these things?

2nd Sep 2005, 20:28
Our ships that had the light have had it placarded inop, or removed completely. Between the movies and the "special" short subjects, the video is almost always playing, except for during the climbout.

Bolty McBolt
5th Sep 2005, 11:15
To add to ............
Video on light also is a reminder that the airshow is on. (map of the world with the aircraft speed and height displayed) To be turned off in case of inflight terroist incident...

PA will always interupt all video and audio. I think many crew think their voice is more entertaining than the multi million dollar in flight entertainment systms...

5th Sep 2005, 14:06
On our ships, the video/audio will freeze, when the PA is activated thru the handset, however using the audio panel and pushing the PA button and using a hand/boom mic will not stop the entertainment in progress ie, it will pick up at a point where you stop keying the mic...does anyone have a different setup or is this" Boeing standard"? Just curious.