View Full Version : Cold feet!? (Airbus A32x)

24th Aug 2005, 22:27
Anyone got any hints or tips for minimising cold feet on long Airbus A319/20/21 flights?

Don't say switch the foot warmers on because my company saved a few bob by not ticking that box on the options sheet!


24th Aug 2005, 23:04
That'll be thick socks then!

24th Aug 2005, 23:17
Try it with a blanket or two...

25th Aug 2005, 01:49
I wear (dressy) boots - helps a little....and make sure you shutoff the airvent adjacent to your feet.

25th Aug 2005, 03:08
Do Totes still make those Toastie socks??? They were great!

25th Aug 2005, 13:23
If the suns out, I stick my feet on the dashboard. With black socks it works a treat. If no sun, then just go and stick your feet on the windows, they are surpisingly warm at FL380. Bearing in mind no smelly feet allowed.

normally right blank
26th Aug 2005, 15:42
MD80 co?-pilots also get "cold feet"?

Charles Darwin
26th Aug 2005, 17:28
Get married :O

27th Aug 2005, 12:42

if you had the foot warmers they wouldn't help either.

Thick socks good shoes and put your feet on the feet rest places in the middle (between the pedals).

27th Aug 2005, 14:59
Where exactly are these deluxe foot warmers anyway? Have them but they are so effective that I can't tell when they're ON!

Some guys have told me that it is the rudder pedals that are meant to warm up, other say its the rubberised foot rests between the rudder pedals and the third camp say the metal floor plates. Where ever they are I can't seem to find 'em.

Ski socks are useful but in the summer your feet sweat before arriving at the aircraft so I'd recommend keeping them in your flight bag till your toes start turning blue, then don them.

I think Health and Safety Executives would have a field day with our working environment - if only they had some jurisdiction:(

27th Aug 2005, 18:59
Looks like I have something else to look forward to when I convert to scarebus!!! :}

28th Aug 2005, 20:50
Dave, Why donīt you try the opposite?
If you open the five air inlets around your working position, the air will not get trapped and cold when in contact with the inner fuselage skin.
If the air circulates around it wonīt be warm but will not be frozen either when the cruise is longer than 3.5 hours.

28th Aug 2005, 23:39
I have read in PPRuNe many interesting things about Airbus and their automation ... but the fact that the foot warmers cannot be adjusted to suit the toastyness required by each crew?? They have to be removed and adjusted???? Amazing!

29th Aug 2005, 18:49
Tuck 'em under your bum. Why do you need to keep your feet on the floor?