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23rd Aug 2005, 07:50

Was wondering what a part time chief pilot would be getting paid???????


The Bullwinkle
23rd Aug 2005, 07:58
That depends on whether or not he is a cranky balding mongrel in his fifties, with six million hours on floatplanes, and with beach landing experience.:ok:

G'day Coops.

23rd Aug 2005, 09:58
Part time Chief Pilot,

Jesus Coops - I cant believe any one would want to be a Chief Pilot let alone one on a part time basis. :E

Only us crazy ones :\

PM me if you want some info

Go you good thing :ok:

23rd Aug 2005, 11:15
Hi Coops,

Does not CAO 82 forbid exactly that, unless a really small organisation, the CP must be fulltime and can not be the CP for another organisation, or words to that effect ?.


Capt Claret
24th Aug 2005, 04:14
Table A, of Appendix 1, of CAO 82.0, says in part, that for a fleet consisting of a single, single engined aircraft, The Chief Pilot may be employed on a part-time
basis by the operator but may not be Chief Pilot with another operator.

For all other fleets the following applies, The Chief Pilot must be employed full-time by the operator and may not be
Chief Pilot with another operator.

24th Aug 2005, 11:39

seeing as how no one has answered your question, you might base your remuneration on the award.

For a casual pilot, the hourly award rate is 1/800 of the fulltime annual rate.

To determine the annual rate, you need to consider whether ops are IFR/VFR, S/E or ME and what weight caregory.

Caution: pilots of some Torres Straits operators may find the following information disturbing and should skip the next paragraph.

Typically that would place the full time salary somewhere between $37K to $43K pa,
giving an hourly rate of between $46 to $54 per hour, with a percentage loading for CP, a percentage for C&T, IFR etc, etc.

You should be paid the casual hrly rate per hrs flown, or a minimum of 4hrs / day on a rostered flying day, regardless of hrs flown.

As you and your licence form part of the AOC's approval to operate, a nominal retainer should also be factored in as you a key person to the operation, flying or not.

Why anyone would be silly enough to be a CP given the track record of the Townsville office,
(and a few other area offices too)
is beyond me, unless you have a masochistic streak.

Maybe as sanity is restored to the Townsville office this career path may again be satisfying,
but is it worth the aggro? Really?