View Full Version : easyJet at Paris-Orly : DANGER !!!

19th Oct 2001, 02:10
easyJet would soon open a new base at Paris-Orly. It's a great opportunity because Paris is certainly a huge market and french people are accustomed to monopoly and expensives fares with Air France. But French workers are very hard to manage and it will probably be impossible to easyJet to prevent the constitution of a trade union inside the company. I'm not against social movements but they can ruin a firm and in the airline industry 2 or 3 days of strikes are enough to close a company.

But I hope that all will work and that Orly base will become a great success !!! Good Luck easyJet....

22nd Oct 2001, 21:53
If EASYJET can manage the swiss .I think they can manage some frogs. :cool:

22nd Oct 2001, 22:19
Although I am a french frog , I must admit that you are quite right!!

But not all the french are the same..

23rd Oct 2001, 02:59
Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know Orly is only open to French airlines.

Guess they will have to set up some sort of new French company to cover this, perhaps easyFrog ?

The French government has a habit of taxing companies to death. Wonder how Fatso will cope with that? Also, no flights between 1200-1500 hrs (lunch time in France !!!)

23rd Oct 2001, 03:37

Regarding "Orly is only open to French airlines" you are wrong.

The following use Orly:
Royal Air Maroc
Syrian Arab
Tunis Air
Turkish Airlines
Air Malta
Iran Air

Also "no flights between 1200-1500 hrs" is again wrong. There are 42 flights scheduled to depart Orly between those hours today (23rd Oct 2001).

23rd Oct 2001, 10:46
Charterguy - yes it would appear that you are wrong - AGAIN.

As I said before when you came on this forum to abuse Stelios, he is a gentleman whilst you clearly are not. Your posts continue to display your over inflated, over opinionated and arrogant nature and the sooner you check in for that CRM training the better.

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