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10th Jan 2002, 22:14
Gulf Air announces new management system

Gulf Air, the flagship carrier of Bahrain, Oman Qatar and Abu Dhabi has selected Airline Information Management System (AIMS) following a comprehensive market study which will be implemented in the Summer of 2002. AIMS is a complete , fully developed integrated Windows/NT client server-based crew Management System.

“A great deal of time has gone into ensuring that the design of this system will assist Gulf Air Management in improving efficiency and operational productivity whilst promoting flight safety, minimising crew fatigue and enhance crew morale” said Peter Weiss, Vice President Operations.

“Gulf Air’s flight deck and cabin crew will benefit when this system is launched in the Summer of 2002 as it will make available individual crew rosters by accommodating crew preferences” added Peter Weiss

“ We are confident that Gulf Air has chosen a system which is best suited to our needs and requirements, in order expand and evolve from being manual to become automated one.” Concluded Peter Weiss.

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Devils Advocate
10th Jan 2002, 23:00
W.r.t. “A great deal of time has gone into ensuring that the design of this system will assist Gulf Air Management in improving efficiency and operational productivity whilst promoting flight safety, minimising crew fatigue and enhance crew morale” I'm sorry to say that this, much like those who believe in horoscopes, just goes to prove that 'there is one born every minute !'

See also: <a href="http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=28&t=000376&p=2" target="_blank"> CREW PLANNING AND TRACKING SYSTEMS</a>

So far the best I've seen is <a href="http://www.Geneva.co.nz" target="_blank">Geneva</a>.

11th Jan 2002, 14:08
Not so fast. GF is doing the standard management merry go-round. New VPO as of last night. Back to the drawing board.

11th Jan 2002, 15:26
You poor b*stards. AIMS is a total load of crap. Just wait and see. <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

11th Jan 2002, 18:41
So much for the "exclusive" FltOps IT Outsourcing Agreement they signed with Sabre only 2 years ago.

AIMS was apparently the selected system prior to the Sabre deal and obviously had to be put on hold. Sabre couldn't deliver the goods so GF FltOps reverted to Plan A and the AIMS contract is finally signed.

Rumour has it that penalties clauses were also activated in the Sabre contract by GF as Sabre failed to deliver the promised functionality.

It's a funny old game!!


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12th Jan 2002, 09:49
I beleive that the IT staff who were transfered to EDS under some acrimony will be taken back by GA when they kick SABRE out. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

13th Jan 2002, 05:28
Ahhhh.........the circus continues performing under the BIG TOP!

13th Jan 2002, 08:56
What would happen if they decided to let the Brits run it again?

sirwa69... thanks so much for your kind reply to my rantings on a previous thread that was closed before I could say this. I learned a lesson that just because someone posts from Brahrain does not necessarly mean they are citizens of that country.

13th Jan 2002, 09:18
No sweat polzin :)

13th Jan 2002, 20:44
hey sirwa69...good day....campeau and jj still there

Mr Angry from Purley
13th Jan 2002, 20:47

A system such as AIMS is only as good as the user.

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Bomber Harris
13th Jan 2002, 20:56
How many airlines have been revolutionised and revived by computers so far?

I think it takes quality people at all levels to use whatever computer systems are in place.

eg I now have access to the best quality paints produced by complicated mixing of chemicals yet seen since history began.....but I still can't paint the Mona Lisa!!!

I think if GA used NASA's computer system they would still be in trouble! Hopefully the new injection of blood will give them the revival they need.

13th Jan 2002, 22:43
I think Bomber has it almost right!

The trouble in GF is that the users of such systems (and I am not being specific about AIMS but most new systems introduced) are not prepared to change the way they work and their departmental managers are too soft to speak out!

They select a new system and give the provider a list of 'customisations'; essentially these changes make the new software very much like the old, consequently, a wad of money is spent on a bright shiny new package and that's about it! The users get what they want, IT see themselves as 'consultants only' so that they don't have to take any responsibility, departmental managers are not held accountable (is anyone in GF?) and the airline gets even more broke in the process! <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

14th Jan 2002, 09:20
sirwa69........ I got to know a lady in Thialand who ran a "dance " disco type of place . Each of the dancers had a heart shaped pin on her which had a number. I asked her if I could have a pin. I asked for number 77. Later after she got me the pin she asked why I picked that number. " Well it is just like 69 except you get eight more."

I am a man, I am not perfect.

14th Jan 2002, 09:32
I don't know who you mean but I'll ask around

Polzin :) :) :) would you believe I have never heard that one before <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Back to the point. Gulf Air used to be a great little airline, we know what happened. <img src="frown.gif" border="0">
It has the potential to be a great little airline again, it actually has some great people. The loyalty generated amongst these people is phenomenal despite all the [email protected] thrown at them. Some good strong management is all it requires. If the investors would just keep their families out of it and let the managers reprimand and sack the slackers then this little airline would fly again.
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19th Jan 2002, 21:03
Sirwa69. You have hit it on the nail. lots of people here with a lot to give . It will be a long road back but not an impossible route with the right people at the helm.

19th Jan 2002, 23:45

Spot on. Unfortunately you describe with great accuracy the management policies of just about every Middle Eastern business operation large and small. Do you think that will ever change?

21st Jan 2002, 10:45
Here's a tasty titbit from todays GDN

[quote] New push to lift airport services . .

BRITON Ray Sayer will take over as chief executive of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) next month, it was revealed yesterday.

He will succeed Khalil Zaman, who retires on April 1, after a career with BAS spanning more than 20 years.

The BAS board, chaired by Transportation Minister Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, thanked Mr Zaman for his hard work, dedication and loyalty, while welcoming Mr Sayer.

"The board expressed its appreciation to Mr Zaman for his outstanding services, which contributed substantially to the growth and development of the company," BAS board member and executive committee chairman Jamil Wafa said yesterday.

He said Mr Zaman was a "tower of strength" for the company. "The board has been looking for a suitable professional candidate to succeed him and we have been fortunate to find the right man," Mr Wafa told the GDN.

"Mr Sayer, 51, a British Airways' veteran, has 28 years' experience with airlines and airports around the world."

He will assume his new position on February 1.

Mr Sayer also spent 18 months in Bahrain as Gulf Air's vice president-commercial, so he is familiar with the Bahrain market and the services offered by Bahrain International Airport, said Mr Wafa.

He said Mr Sayer would focus on the training and development of Bahrainis, especially on preparing them to assume senior positions.

"BAS currently employs 1,720 people, of whom 80 per cent are Bahrainis," he revealed.

"Mr Sayer will also undertake an intensive marketing of Bahrain International Airport as the main hub for many carriers, particularly because we lost two carriers in the past six months.

"His appointment comes at a time when, unfortunately, some of the airlines have taken advantage of the September 11 episode to get special concessions in fees at our airport."

Mr Wafa revealed that BAS had already reduced the ground handling fees for airlines operating to Bahrain from last November to March this year.

Mr Sayer said he considered the new position very challenging. "As customer service is the key to service industries, I shall focus on enhancing the overall standard of services provided by BAS to its customers," he added.

"I shall work with Civil Aviation Affairs, trying to attract more carriers to Bahrain Airport, which has not increased its handling fees for the past 18 years.

"We shall try to attract more charter flights operating to the Far East and India, to make Bahrain their stop."


Mr Sayer's career with British Airways has taken him to Miami, Riyadh, Kuwait, Bombay, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Doha, Bucharest, Damascus, Brunei and Zimbabwe, besides London.

He has held senior positions there either as airport manager or area manager.

During 1991-93, he was senior general manager at Gatwick Airport, which employs 6,000 people. He was responsible there for a wide range of services related to the handling of 35 aircraft.

Mr Sayer also served as the managing director of the UK-registered GB Airways during 1993-94.

His services were also seconded by BA to Brymon Airways in Plymouth and for Deutsche BA in Munich, Germany.

While working in Riyadh in 1977, Mr Sayer was a frequent visitor to BA's regional office in Bahrain.

Four years ago, he was in Bahrain again to work for Gulf Air. After 18 months, he moved from Bahrain to the Carribean Islands and from his base at Antigua he managed the operations of Liat airlines.

"I am deeply honoured to come back to Bahrain and shall do my best to justify the confidence placed in me by the BAS board," said Mr Sayer.

"One of my first priorities will be to train Bahrainis to take up more senior positions in the company." . . . . <hr></blockquote>

It would be better to have trained Bahrainis in management positions than imposed ones.. .I wish Ray all the best and just hope he lasts a bit longer this time <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">