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10th Jan 2002, 17:51
Apparently a Crossair flight diverted/retuned to Basel with an emergency. Does anyone have any info on that or did I just pick up yet another rumour?

10th Jan 2002, 19:21
Just quoting from memory:

A LX Embraer 145 had to return to BSL on a flight to Hamburg(?) as a trim system became inoperative. I seems that the a/c was hardly controlable but the pilots manged to switch on an stand-by system. A FOCA inquiry has been launched.

Does anyone know more about it?

10th Jan 2002, 23:56
Another EMB-145 trim problem. Haven't Embraer fixed this yet?

11th Jan 2002, 22:36
Thought that trimproblem isn't such a big problem anymore as long as you take out the speed and re-trim?

Hold at Saffa
11th Jan 2002, 22:48
[quote]or did I just pick up yet another rumour? <hr></blockquote>
Yes, you certainly did!

An Embraer jet had a minor trim fault whilst executing a missed approach on Christmas Eve. It was immediately resolved using the aircraft's backup elevator trim system.

There has not been any subsequent event since then, and certainly none requiring a return to Basel from Hamburg or anywhere else for that matter.

How's about an even more hysterical thread headline next time, N380UA?

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Rusty A300
12th Jan 2002, 00:48

I guess that the MD83 go-around at LHR due to "...my automatic pilot disconnected..." or the Crossair aircraft (type to be confirmed) pushback into another aircraft in the lane at GVA two nights ago are just more rumours too...?

BTW, I was a passenger on the MD83.

Hold at Saffa
12th Jan 2002, 01:02
Pushback at GVA means either MD80/BAe146. Responsibility for pushback rests entirely with the push/tug master.

[quote]Having operated from BSL for a long time, now doing all my positioning from here and living just 5km away I somehow feel qualified to comment. It will never be anything but The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg. Nothing, for short. No RyanName. No insults. No MLH. If, and when they do arrive here; I will STILL CHOOSE to fly with our local lads and lasses. They do a FANTASTIC job <hr></blockquote>
What is your point of view, approximately?

Your profile says it all.

Rusty A300
12th Jan 2002, 01:05
Exactly. So next time I'm about to be pushed into the face of oncoming traffic, I'll just sit there and let it happen! As far as my profile goes: it's one that's never been fired!

PS: Quoted comment; dated 28 August! Need I say more?

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