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13th Dec 2001, 05:05
Horses and people on the same flight? Guess it's a true mixed class configuration <g>.


Turbulence makes horse go berserk on 747

Emergency crews were called to a Toronto airport after a horse went berserk on a Boeing 747.

It was one of 12 horses in the cargo hold of an Air Canada flight from Frankfurt to Pearson International.

It became jumpy when the plane went through turbulence. By the time the plane landed it had calmed down again.

"One of the horses became agitated and an effort was made to subdue the horse with tranquillisers," Air Canada spokeswoman Laura Cooke told the Canadian Press.

Two horse handlers and an Air Canada worker received superficial injuries. The horse was also slightly injured as they tried to subdue it when the tranquillisers didn't work properly.

The plane's pilot made an emergency call to Pearson for help with two hours of the flight still to go.

A vet was on standby along with ambulances and fire engines. The situation was under control when the plane landed. There were 230 passengers on the flight.

CFTO-TV reports that the horses were being flown in for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Story filed: 20:51 Wednesday 12th December 2001

13th Dec 2001, 05:23
Combis, sigh.

You see the Mounties aren't actually fully mechanized yet and it's also a counter to the tons of horsemeat going the other way.
We'll fly most anything that pays.
Polar bears are actually more docile pax.

xs calf
14th Dec 2001, 15:43
One of a pair of female gorillas we were carrying made a grab for the F/O as he passed their cages. Being recently ex Harriers his reflexes were well up to speed and he hit about 0-100kph in 1sec before bouncing off the port bulkhead!
On reflection, we think she'd recognised him from the Arif Castle in DXB :D