View Full Version : New Deal for New SQ Pilots

27th Apr 2001, 13:05
Just heard a wonderful piece of news from my Lyin' City mole:
SQ, in their desperation to attract new crews on the 777 and 747, are offering new hires starting salaries of USD 14,000 per month. Present incumbents will remain on their present abysmal salaries and conditions. This, apparently, is management's way of giving a good hard kick in the goolies to their long suffering crews who had the effrontery to reject a pathetic pay offer. This could get interesting. A massive Cathay type sick-out is rumored. All the airline's flights could be grounded by the end of next month. Sorry I don't have any further details, but no doubt someone from SIN may be able to elaborate.
At last, the worm will turn.

27th Apr 2001, 15:17
Bit late for April 1 I think :)

27th Apr 2001, 17:10
This is not Hong Kong. A Cathay type sick-out would see us visiting the Changi Prison doctor. SIA is majority owned by the Government and they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the continuation of their healthy dividends. You tread very carefully here, strikes are illegal, any form of industrial action is illegal, even gatherings of over, I think, 6 people are illegal without prior Government approval.

As for the USD$14,000 pay, I think the previous post clarified that. April 1st was a while ago.

28th Apr 2001, 06:24
COJONES - As you well know, you are talking absolute bullsh*t, just who's fire and for why would you be stoking up this kind of nonsense?
Are you one of the internal agitators who have been intimidating our younger lads?
Time to backoff and smell the coffee I think.