View Full Version : Chris Darke - Time to go

13th Jun 2001, 17:46
It really is time Darke left BALPA. He and the rest of his cronies sit back while work permits are issued to qualified foreign pilots because British airlines do not want to spend the money to train our boys and girls.
Wanted: one strong leader to inject hope into sad pilot association.......

13th Jun 2001, 23:46
Hear,Hear!.I believe his contract is up in 18 months if you can wait that long.

E cam
14th Jun 2001, 16:01
Average UK pay settlements in the three months to April were 5.2% and 5% in the previous quarter. I think that makes BALPAs efforts over last winter look pretty poor, especially when one considers the current demand for pilots. We need a less complacent, more millitant, attitude from BALPA.

14th Jun 2001, 19:50
His contract is automatically renewed every five years if no one stands against him. Although the election is due early next year we have to persuade the various council reps to look for a contender. Tell your local and company council representatives that you want an alternative to Darke and they should start looking now. It would be a shame to let him get back in due to a default situation! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

14th Jun 2001, 22:09
I have heard Graham Fowlers name mentioned as a good replacement.