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13th Jun 2001, 12:19
'HANOI (AFP): Thai Airways is investigating a fuel leak on a Boeing 777 which forced it to make an emergency landing in central Vietnam, airline officials said today.

The aircraft landed in Vietnam's third city of Danang early yesterday after the pilot reported plummeting fuel levels on a flight from Taipei to Bangkok, the officials said.

Aviation fuel leaked all over the runway, but all 307 passengers and 19 crew were safely evacuated.

They were flown on to Bangkok in a different aircraft later in the day. '

Anyone know anything about this incident, it happened on about the 5th of June this year.

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13th Jun 2001, 14:48
(The following is a reformatted version of a press release issued by Thai Airways International and received via electronic mail. The release was confirmed by the sender.)

THAI Makes Landing at Danang Airport in Vietnam

Singapore, June 6 -- On 4th June 2001, Thai Airways International flight TG635, operating on the route Seoul-Taipei-Bangkok, experienced some technical problems on its last leg between Taipei and Bangkok. The pilot diverted the flight and landed at Danang Airport in Vietnam.

THAI's Boeing 777-200, registration number HS-TJC, carried a total of 303 passengers (293 economy class seats and 10 Business class seats), departed from Seoul at 17:30 hours, and arrived at Taipei airport at 19:00 hours. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Bangkok at 22:55 hours.

While the aircraft was flying towards Bangkok, a warning signal appeared indicating problems with the fuel system, and the pilot decided to divert and land the flight at the nearest airport, which was in Danang, Vietnam in order to ensure maximum safety of all passengers. There were no reports of injuries.

A special flight was arranged to bring all the 303 passengers to Bangkok. The flight departed from Bangkok on 5th June 2001, at 08:00 hours and arrived in Danang at 09:30 hours. The flight
departed from Danang at 11:40 hours, with 303 passengers, and landed safely at Don Muang Airport at 12:50 hours.

Aircraft spare parts have been sent for checks and inspections. It is expected to resume its scheduled operations on 7th June 2001.



13th Jun 2001, 15:25
Do they elaborate as to what the technical difficulties were?
or is this just the media getting a little carried away over a minor incident?
Because fuel leaking on the runway seems pretty serious, especially with there being hot wheel brakes around after a landing!