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24th Jul 2001, 04:40
MOSCOW, July 23, RIA Novosti - Pakistan has offered official apologies to Russia for violating its air space, the press service of the Russian Air Force reported on Monday.

The incident took place above the 150-km border line at 11.22 a.m., Moscow time, on July 22. Pakistan's Boeing-747 air jet flying from Islamabad to Manchester crossed the Russian air space without notifying Russian anti-missile defence bodies.

The Boeing crew would not respond to the demands of air traffic controllers. At 12.04 p.m., Moscow time, a Mig-29 duty fighter was scrambled aloft to intercept. At 1.38 p.m., Moscow time, by a decision of the airport's military sector shift chief, the violator was forced to land at the Sheremetyevo II airport.

After finding out the reasons for the incident and drawing up all necessary papers to register the violation, the Boeing was allowed to leave for the airport of destination at 5 p.m.


24th Jul 2001, 07:11
Not much more is available as to what went on during this affair. A bit more information is available at

Dawn - Pakietan (http://www.dawn.com/2001/07/23/)

and at

Moscow Times (http://www.themoscowtimes.com/stories/2001/07/24/031.html)

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24th Jul 2001, 22:53
At least, in typical knee-jerk reaction of the past, they didn't shoot the PIA 747 down.

Let's see now -- 1 KAL 707, 1 KAL 747, and one near miss on a PIA 747. Aw, shucks, can't ask the maintenance sergeant to paint the airline logo on the MiGs fuselage below the canopy. Maybe next time.

It's a long, long, way from the Pakistani border to Moscow. I wonder exactly where the Russian air defense picked up the PIA flight and/or whether it had a MiG escort all the way. If so, a lot of Russian kerosine went for nothing.