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12th Jun 2001, 13:10
Had this query posted on the 'Wannabes Section', but no to no avail.!

Does anyone have any knowledge of this flight school & the courses offered?

Would appreciate any views / comments on the Ab Initio ATPL programme currently being offered by Multiflight (www.multiflight.com)

And / Or any views on Multiflight School in general.....The advertisement is for 29,950...Would one incur much more expense along the way.?

Thanks Guys,

beaver eager
12th Jun 2001, 13:20
I'm not sure how long this thread will last on R&N, but unfortunately, PPRuNe's so big that many of us don't have the time to read much of it. I, for one, rarely get past R&N and my own company forum.

In answer to your question... It's virtually impossible to complete any flying training course within the cost advertised by the training provider. The cost assumes that you will learn everything in the minimum time stipulated by the regulators and few people actually manage this. Coupled to that, you will find yourself wanting to buy all sorts of other little bits and pieces (anything which has an aviation related use costs bundles).

But don't let that put you off. Somehow, despite going over budget, you will find the money and get through and it really is all worth it in the end - or it will be when BALPA get me my 30% pay rise this year!

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