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25th Apr 2001, 00:33
Developments at Orlando Sanford International.

On 23 March 2001, SFB dedicated it's new domestic terminal, in a ceremony to mark the completion of the $27 million project.

The terminal, which was under construction from January 2000 to the present, adds 120,000 square feet to the terminal's existing area.

The original domestic terminal was closed and the western walls knocked down, and the new terminal was constructed there and hinged to the present one. The grass area between the general apron and the international traffic one was paved to make ramp space for the domestic terminal's traffic.

The terminal incorperates most of the original domestic area, as well as adds new offices for OSI (TBI). It includes a new check-in area, a new arrivals area as well as an upstairs departures area.

Extending northwest is the concourse, which adds seven new air-bridged gates to add to the terminal's existing five.

The terminal was built under the prospect of increased domestic traffic from Pan Am, as well as several other smaller domestic companies. Regular flights now serve the newly-opened terminal, to destinations that include St Louis, Chicago and Portsmouth, NH.

While the domestic traffic looks promising, the International terminal is still ruler of the waves at Orlando Sanford, with Airtours, Monarch, Air 2000, JMC and ATA-charter bringing in many of the total handled passengers (approx 1,000,000) yearly.

The new terminal addition also serves well for the international traffic, with a direct corridor and departures lounge to connect gates 6 - 8 to the 300,000 square foot international terminal as overflow.

Orlando Sanford expects a very busy summer season ahead - looking forward to it!

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25th Apr 2001, 01:54
Very nice. Now, if you could possibly find a way of keeping those pesky Pipers and Cessnas off the TCAS, you'd have at least ONE happy aviator!

pax domina
25th Apr 2001, 04:46
Good job! Much better than the snippet of Bob'n'Marla (or was it David and someone? Oh, they're all the same!) I heard last month on 87.7 when channel surfing the radio on the drive home. As I remember, they concluded the piece by remarking that the new building (or at least some part thereof) had actually been in use for a while, there were many more airbridges now (good on rainy days), and the food court was now open. :rolleyes:

Hope life on the south shore of Lake Monroe is treating you well!

pax d (used to think SFB was on the west side of 17-92 because that is where most of Airport Boulevard is, finally realised that since I'd driven the entire length of Airport Boulevard west of 17-92 on many occasions without seeing an airport, the airport must be located on the east side of 17-92) (I've never claimed to be terribly bright - and it took me several years of working at the premises of an industrial client on Highway 46 in Sanford to realise this!)

Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" was a part of my school curriculum, was it a part of yours?

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25th Apr 2001, 05:45
pax domina: yes, well, errm...Blimey, chum, what are you smoking?

25th Apr 2001, 06:20
George (etc)---
Those pesky Cessnas' and Pipers' are called General Aviation here in America, and is alive and well, unlike in "other" countries and, priced within reason (mostly!) :)

25th Apr 2001, 08:34
Maybe now they should move Comair Academy to some desert island where they can make emergency landings and dumb radio calls ie http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif"Cessna 62776 do you have hotel?" Southern accented Comscare chap "No, I'm staying at Stonebrook Condos"), out of the way of us 767's and A330's.