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Electric Sky
24th Apr 2001, 21:19
At approximately 1230z today Nice was closed by a number of protesters that sat across both runways forcing the airports' closure. Many aircraft and passengers were stranded at the airport with lots more diverting to nearby airfields. It appeared to be some kind of industrial action.

24th Apr 2001, 21:43
about what?

Electric Sky
24th Apr 2001, 21:54
Don't know I'm afraid SOPS. They were paying a lot of attention to a Swissair aircraft at one stage but whether that is anything to do with it I don't know. They certainly caused chaos though.

24th Apr 2001, 22:47
the Chaos is due to AOM/Air liberté/Air Littoral actual problems .

Air littoral ground & flight crews went on strike during a few hours to protest against the SAir group and his decision to cancel their support to all 3 airlines , due to bad results ( 2 billion francs loss )

AOM & Air Liberté are to merge unless they completely cease activity before that ...
Air Littoral results are not so bad but they cannot survive on their own for long ...

the same occured with Sabena early this month .... thanks to the SAir group ...

their situation is extremely serious and one's says that their activity will cease before summer ... bad news ..

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24th Apr 2001, 23:12
So who will from the SAir group survive? Is this a great example of why things such as STAR, OneWorld, RubMeAbit, are not such a good idea. Comments please people.

24th Apr 2001, 23:54
I don't see why this shut things down. Is protestor goo hard to scrape off your landing gear?

25th Apr 2001, 16:10
Naah, but the acid packs they strap to their chests plays havoc with the paintwork