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10th Dec 2001, 12:59
Small mention of this in today's Daily Mail. Apparently Sir Dickie has offered to give 20m to charity if BA give him 10 LHR slots :eek:

10th Dec 2001, 21:07
Actually that is not what he said at all.

The gist of it was that if BA could find him 10 pairs of slots usable 7 days a week from the slots currently available then he would give 20m. It was actually in the form of a wager with a charity to benefit.

Must be pretty sure there aren't any :D :D :D :D

11th Dec 2001, 01:03
Wooly pully should be more careful with his wagers. With a company in the state of his at the moment 'nibbling the cash-critical buffet', the loss of 200k could put them out of business let alone 20M :eek:

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11th Dec 2001, 13:15
Magplug: and your source for this information is? :confused:

11th Dec 2001, 23:23
BA ought to turn the tables and offer 20m to charity for 10 of Sir Dickies 747-400s - the slots are, after all, worth more than the aircraft !



12th Dec 2001, 22:18

I am sleeping with one of the company accountants who not only cannot hold her drink but also talks in her sleep....


13th Dec 2001, 12:29

Then your source is the the more reliable... ;)

In the Company we understand that an independant external audit carried out in the last month or so has indicated that the financial position of the Company is very well placed to weather the present storm provided we have no further aviation related attrocities. (Yes I know they would say that wouldn't they) :)

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