View Full Version : WHICH WAY BA/AA??

10th Dec 2001, 10:57
Snippet on todays' BBC financial news reckons that the BA/AA alliance will be permitted, the result of which will be a significant increase in BA's share value.

How would this affect Virgin Atlantic in the Sep 11th aftermath? Is this an even more unfair advantage for the Waterworks ruled carrier which has just described the Sep 11th outrage as providing 'the opportunity of a generation'... Whoever wrote that should be asked to explain their distasteful statement live on American TV - perhaps on Jerry Springer without any security guards present?

If BA are abandoning their BEA heritage in Europe, how many Waterworks suits will go? Or will the airline merely be seen as an increasingly overmanaged dinosaur trying to pander to the increasingly contracting 'premium' market whilst riding roughshod over their loyal, hard working operational staff.....

Perhaps Skippy and the likes of El Presidente for Life King should set up shop in a warehouse in Essex with a few call centre staff and try to emulate the success of Easyjet etc.....

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