View Full Version : PPRuNe Fund - Gatbash proceeds

11th Jun 2001, 02:28
I am very pleased to tell you that I will be banking 1005 to-morrow. How about that?

Thanks very much to all. :)

Stan Sted
11th Jun 2001, 02:36

Well done D,

You did a great job with the fund raising.


The Nr Fairy
11th Jun 2001, 17:26
I think congrats are due to HugMonster, for generating about 10% of the total himself !!

And also to JF, Roland Beaumont and Airbourne for coming up with the auction items in the first place.

IFR's already been mentioned in dispatches, but it's worth doing again !

11th Jun 2001, 17:49
Sorry it was only 10% - it could have been a lot more if I'd been accepting sponsorship NOT to wear that shirt!

Well done indeed, IFR - all credit is due to you for all your hard work. So what's all this about "retirement"? :)

Breeding Per Dementia Unto Something Jolly Big, Toodle-pip

11th Jun 2001, 20:44
Why? Did somebody say I was retireing? Only to bed to-night - I'm knackered with a terrible attack of sinus probs. Everybody say Aahhhhh!

Anyway, thanks very much. All I do is bank the money.


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12th Jun 2001, 15:01
The PPRuNe Fund stands at over 4100 now and growing.

We have 3 PPRuNers who contribute 10 each per month on a standing order. I would love to see some more of those. Any offers? Anyone want to put something back into aviation?

Remember, ALL this money will be used to further the careers of some wannabes in the near future.