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10th Jun 2001, 12:06
So, the merger of BRAL and Brymon (and their seniority lists) goes ahead.

Does experience with Cityflier indicate that there will be a further absorption of these crews into the master BA list?

Just a rumour I heard somewhere near the seaside, but your input, ladies and gentlemen, would be appreciated.

10th Jun 2001, 18:11
I doubt it very much!!!

sudden twang
10th Jun 2001, 21:09
I'd get on the BA seniority list pdq just in case there is a merger with KLM .

12th Jun 2001, 12:42
Or Gulf Air

We will do the drill according to the amendments to the amendments I er think?

beaver eager
12th Jun 2001, 13:45
Speaking as a recent appendee to the bottom of the BA list (i.e. CFE), it looks to me as if the whole thing is going the way of the US major/regionals.

Northwest/Mesaba... AA/American Eagle... BA/BA CitiExpress.

I reckon there will be a scope clause with BALPA that will restrict CitiExpress to a max of 70 or so seats, and maybe some kind of deal allowing transfer into mainline at some stage.

At CFE, despite some resistance to being tagged on the bottom of the mainline list (mostly from me - but it's all in the past now), there was some concern that we would end up part of the CitiExpress set up instead. We have, thank goodness, made it onto the right side of the divide, albeit at the bottom. To any BACC BALPA reps reading this... Thanks for that at least - now how about my 30% pay rise in Jan?

12th Jun 2001, 14:38
At least one BRAL captain at Belfast City is GIVEN to running round shouting to anyone who'll listen about how he'll have automatic rights to bid for BA mainline longhaul within the next five years. It ain't happening, the real BA guys I've spoken to say this is a whole different kettle of worms from the Cityflyer episode.

12th Jun 2001, 15:55

Actually you can bid for what you like once you are on the seniority list as all CFE pilots will confirm. You will not, of course get very far without a bit of seniority but EOG 737 Commands get to quite spectacurlarly low seniority levels. As for BRAL/Brymon crews they are not on our list (as yet!) and thus will not feature in the annual bidding round. Even if they are let in it would be at the end of the line behind CFE and the recent new hires.

Red Snake
12th Jun 2001, 16:57
The merging of seniority lists between BRAL/Brymon at CitiExpress is supposedly to be addressed this summer. Unfortunately, I don't think it will have anything to do with mainline. We'll be separate for as long as the current organisation exists.

Oh well, at least we get (some) other BA mainline benefits. And we get better bases. And less money. And more hours.

direct chase
13th Jun 2001, 01:08
Have you guys had any indications how the new set-up will run/ ie will there be one jet fleet and one turbo prop fleet?

Where is the main base etc?

us BAR guys at BHX certainly have not heard much info yet, though I guess you'll get some more of our ( BA ) routes!!

Good luck and I hope it all works out well for you

13th Jun 2001, 11:56
Barcode, GIVEN the way that you wrote that the way I think you did, then it sounds just about right.


Magnus Picus
13th Jun 2001, 22:25
The sooner you join the better. Get your emails into Mr Darke asap.

[email protected]

14th Jun 2001, 00:41
Direct Chase
There will be some consolidation of turboprop fleets (Jetstream 41s first to go).EMB 190 will almost certainly become the mainstay of our fleet.The HQ is at Manchester and the operation is currently growing at 5%/year.We are all expecting an improvement in Ts and Cs if it doesn't come there are a lot of senior pilots who won't be with us next year.Look forward to seeing you in Dus.

14th Jun 2001, 17:43
Beaver Eager,

Just curious. But why did you oppose being part of the BA mainline seniority list? We all thought CFE pilots got a bloody good deal from the takeover/merger. Of course, not being directly linked with the situation I'm sure I've missed something.


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