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28th Jan 2002, 13:46
To bad you have to purchase them in Hong Kong !

Competition heats up on HK routes

(HONG KONG) Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways said it would give away 10,000 return air tickets, the latest in a string of promotions launched by airlines on Hong Kong routes in the industry's doldrums.

Cathay, the territory's main airline, said in a statement its latest campaign was aimed at boosting tourism in Hong Kong, which has been dampened by the global economic slowdown and the attacks in the United States last Sept 11.

The state of tourism industry in Hong Kong naturally influences Cathay's business.. . . .In the airline's latest promotion, Cathay will run a prize draw for participating Hong Kong residents and the winners will be able to invite friends and relatives living overseas to visit Hong Kong between April 3 and July 3, flying with the free tickets.

Under the gloom of the global aviation industry, airlines continue to offer bargain fares to lure Hong Kong passengers.

Virgin Atlantic Airways, the main airline of British tycoon Richard Branson, said on Friday it had extended its Chinese New Year promotion of a round-trip economy class ticket from Hong Kong to London for HK$3,900 (US$500).

That is way below the normal fare of some HK$6,000 for Hong Kong-London return tickets available locally.

But the Virgin tickets must be paid for and issued in Hong Kong by Jan 31, for travel from Jan 15 to March 27.

Cathay shares rose 7.14 per cent to HK$12.00 on Friday, a fresh eight month high on expectations that air travel will pick up as the global economy recovers later this year

Anti Skid On
29th Jan 2002, 09:30
One of many incentives currently floating about. I saw somewhere (on the web) that Makaysia Airlines were offering 4 nights accomodation with breakfast AND internal transfers to various resorts, to those using KLIA as a hub between Europe and Australasia.

29th Jan 2002, 14:34
The Malaysian deal is not new. I took up the stopover option in 1999. I have no doubt that it is done to attract travellers on the Kangaroo route. We went to Kota Kinabalu, north coast of Borneo island. Excellant accomodation and resort facilities.

29th Jan 2002, 16:46
<img src="confused.gif" border="0"> That is weird! I just had a trip to HKG and it was full both ways. Overbooked of 51. What's the problem then??? The line or the AIRline?