View Full Version : Bmibaby - Sustainable with two aircraft ?

28th Jan 2002, 01:30
Well i've been having a look at <a href="http://www.bmibaby.com/bmibaby/" target="_blank">http://www.bmibaby.com/bmibaby/</a> and the one thing that hits me is how sustainable is the timetable with just two aircraft ? One plane going tec would surely have pretty big implications for the rest of the timetable -- or would Mum or Dad be on hand with a spare 737 if something went wrong ? - after all what are parents for ?

Also given the "tourist" nature of the destinations bmibaby are flying to , I was surprised to see there is pretty much 0% utilisation between 0000 and 0700 - would have thought a few "red-eye" flights would have been operated. Charter work maybe ???

Banzai Chap
28th Jan 2002, 14:17
Would imagine parent bailing out would be on the cards, but could be load problems if over 100 pax.

Go started off with no night flying to protect the scheduled departures, but they soon switched into night IBZ's etc. With 2 aircraft there is a real risk of knock on delays but that's nothing new.

28th Jan 2002, 21:12
bmi may use 2 146 aircraft that are on group standby duty and currently based EMA.