View Full Version : Delta 767 Emergency

26th Jan 2002, 16:25
Just heard on the radio Delta 767 destined for LGW diverted to MAN due to strong burning smell in cabin and cockpit. Aircraft declared full emergency for LGW then diverted to MAN.. .Any further info?

26th Jan 2002, 16:27
Delta 15 landed safely at EGCC 12:15 local time. :)

bagpuss lives
27th Jan 2002, 15:12
Been a busy week in terms of emergencies of various types at EGCC.

Anyway - DAL15 reported to London he had burning smell, fumes and light smoke on the flight deck and in the forward part of the cabin. Aircraft diverted into EGCC as it was almost in the O/H at the time - and strong winds were causing problems at most of the LTMA airfields.

As said, aircract down totally safely and calmly at 1215L - another good job by all concerned :)

Like I say - we've had far too many incidents this week.