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23rd Jul 2001, 17:44
Heard from an old Oz friend that Kuwaiti Airlines is looking for more crew (F/Os only)for their classic 747s. They're supposedly scouring the Kuwaiti ranks and haven't had many, if any, hits.

I thought they only had two -200s flying anyway. New contracts?????? Anyone from the KAC (Kuwaiti Flying Club) willing or able to front up an answer? :D

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23rd Jul 2001, 18:06

From your message icon, you DO appear to be fishing.

The current search for 747 F/Os is NOT just for -200 guys but also -400s too. Presumably, they're looking for in-house guys who were previously qualified and had moved down to the Airbus fleets.

Can't really say if KAC will advertise for "additional" crew in the near future, but watch this space. The rumours of KAC selling one or both of their Classics are rife but unfounded.....so far. BTW, only one is flyable right now / ADD. ADB's in the barn looking for two new engines.

New contracts are anyone's guess. They are a very closed lipped mob. ;)