View Full Version : Edinburgh's Runway problem

8th Jun 2001, 18:33
Can anyone actually explain why the big cheeses at Edinburgh Airport haven't ( after all the money spent on the main terminal)spent any money on building simple taxiways which would extend all the way to the end of the runway, so that a/c don't have to wait at the hold point until there's enough time to backtrack then turn around, and take off. In the summer time, departing aircraft line up on the taxi ways waiting for enough space to backtrack, ATC must be pulling their hair out. If these taxiways exsisted, a/c could ( If needed ) drive up to the top and depart quicker, saving fuel & saving time. All there is is grass there so even the guy who mows the grass will be pleased.. and all this could be done without disrupting the airport..Honest guv.