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8th Jun 2001, 14:23
Remeber these guys? What was the real flaw in their operation

8th Jun 2001, 14:39
high costs and low fares and therefore yields - simple as that

could always start a debate about how 146s are not suitable for a low cost operation as well...

8th Jun 2001, 15:27
One could, but since buzz is making a success of a low-fares 146 operation, it would be pretty pointless. More likely a case of "wrong place, wrong time", a bit of bad luck and maybe the odd planning error.

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8th Jun 2001, 15:49
Wrong place - wrong time - and....
Debonair did not only operate 146's but was also hiring, at high costs, some F50's and F100's from wetlease-companies like Denim Air and EAE.
When you want to make a succes out of a low-cost-carrier never-ever hire high-priced turboprops instead of operating your own lost-cost-jet-fleet like the 146's (yes indeed, the 146's are very capable to operate on shorthaul routes at a minimum price!)

8th Jun 2001, 15:56
buzz are indeed a low fares operation - but not low cost - big difference

it was largely a klmuk rebrand

and are they really making a success of it??

still not aware of any operator successfully using 146s in a low COST setup

8th Jun 2001, 16:20
the guy who ran it has screwed up everything he's touched
i worked for him years ago
one week they were ticketless, next week ticketed
one week full service next week nothing
he didnt have any kind of direction

8th Jun 2001, 17:05
Thanks guys. Wasn't AB Airlines around at this time too, with their problems? Different problems I guess. Not a good period obviuosly.