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6th Jan 2005, 16:55
Anybody got any news on an aircraft crash in Goa? I believe the runway has been damaged aswell.

Hope its not as serious as ive heard.

7th Jan 2005, 00:04
the airport closed at 1700 today and is due to reopen at 0730 tomorrow according to their notam it is due to a disabled a/c on the runway. i've heard a 737 land wheels up or had the undercarrage damaged when it landed.

any news on injuries anyone. or pics?

the dates on the links above would surgest this is a different incident. this happened today.

7th Jan 2005, 07:40
The a/c was an Air Sahara CRJ

From www.deepikaglobal.com


Air Sahara flight crashlands in Goa: No one injured

Panaji, Jan 7 (UNI) The crew of a Indian private airline had a providential escape when their flight crash-landed at the Dhabolim airport following a technical snag here last night, officials said today.

The four-member crew of the Air Sahara flight, however, escaped unhurt in the accident caused by collapse of the landing gear in the under-carriage wheel, Airport Authority of India Director Anuj Agarwal told UNI.

He added that the runway has been cleared this morning.

Several flights were delayed for about four hours and the authorities were assessing the extent of the damage the 52-seater CRJ Sahara flight S2-2200 had incurred.

About 20 to 30 flights including chartered flights operate from Dhabolim airport every day and the Air Sahara flight was on its way to Goa from Mumbai to clear extra rush of passengers when the mishap occurred at about 2230 hrs, Mr Agarwal added.

Flights were running on schedule today, he said.



7th Jan 2005, 12:52
Mike Jenvey, the two links in your post are to old stories - the sea harrier from Dec 16th 04, and the mid-air from 2002. The CRJ seems to be current though.

(Edited to explain that MJ's post has been deleted)

7th Jan 2005, 20:45
Gee, I wonder who gave this post a four-star rating?

Ratings, in my opinion, should only be used after a post is well into the story and has some intelligent discussions and contributions. Otherwise, anyone can declare it a VERY important story which usually draws the attention to other readers and posters.

Despite the four stars, this one kind of petered out.

7th Jan 2005, 23:42
I have heard off problems getting the gear up (too many people in supper econmy/wheel well) but not getting the gear down!!



8th Jan 2005, 09:58
We come twice a week in GOI with a charterflt from AMS or BRU.
But didnt hear anything about this problem.
Looking not too serious.
All domestic flts from and too GOI are always full. About 6/7 a day!
Sahara has a good reputation by the way
Cheers guys... Time to get off to MBA