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31st Dec 2004, 06:59
Hello everyone,

I am curious to know if there are any specific guidelines during the taxi in/out on following other aircraft. Is there a certain distance to stay back and would the following distance be greater behind smaller (or larger) aircraft?

I was watching aircraft traffic near my local airport and saw a pretty good queue on the taxiway and it occured to me that nowhere have I read about the spacing distance on the ground. I have also heard that some aircraft don't start up all of their engines after the pushback but may do so just before take-off in the queue. Would this also require the aircraft behind, say the 747, starting two of their engines while at the hold-short line to be further back (and how would the pilot know the aircraft up front will be starting an engine or two?

Just curious as I have not seen this mentioned anywhere.


31st Dec 2004, 08:57
There is nothing laid down ATC-wise regarding separation of specific types of aircraft on the ground, other than they should miss each other! The distance from the one ahead is at the discretion of the following pilot. It would be most unusual for an aircraft not to have all engines running at the holding point as the crews do not know for sure what their take-off order is. Somebody at the back of the queue might be brought forward for a number of reasons.

Vlad the Impaler
31st Dec 2004, 22:42
Seems to vary not only from type to type but crew to crew. Some will keep a more than respectable distance and cause grief on the taxiways while others are happy to stuff their aeroplane right up the backside of the one in front. No hard and fast rules until they are airborne !!!!!!! as long as they dont do a manchester, everybody is happy !!
really should be out at a party now, not on here. sad git.
happy new year.

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