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29th Dec 2004, 15:45
A Changchangi Airlines Boeing 727 has just crashed on the only remaining runway (19L) in Lagos. It looks as if the nose gear either failed to extend or collapsed. I don't know if there are any casualties, but the aircraft is now blocking the runway

29th Dec 2004, 17:03
A "nose gear collapse" or "nose gear up" landing by itself is not normally classified as a crash, nor as an accident, but rather as an "incident." :ooh:

29th Dec 2004, 17:23
It's certainly more than an 'incident'.

Definition of 'accident'-

An unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm

A nosleg collapse or hangup will undoubtedly have damaged the surface of the runway, never mind the aircraft.

We'd certainly categorise this occurrence as an 'Accident' and reportable as such.

Perhaps 'crash' is going a bit too far, dictionary definition of 'crash' is

To undergo sudden damage or destruction on impact


The Odd One

29th Dec 2004, 17:53
How about agreeing that the Aircraft in question has gone 'US' or unfit for service

I hope the Crew involved don't see these posts :rolleyes:

30th Dec 2004, 08:27
This incident was the second within six hours on the same runway , Earlier in the morning, a kenyan airlines had 'a smoke on wheel' on landing on RWY 19L. Thank God there was no casualty. The Chancagi 'incident' too was a miracle. The fire department were prepared this time for the emergency landing. Again all occupants came out thanking God. No casualties! The runway is opened and flights in and out of Lagos have since resumed.

30th Dec 2004, 09:53
I agree hobie.

What a good start! A 727 has been involved in a serious incident, and already the arguments have started over which is the best word to use.


30th Dec 2004, 11:17
A nosleg collapse or hangup will undoubtedly have damaged the surface of the runway, never mind the aircraft

We had a CV880M land on RW 31 at Kai Tak in the sixties with the Chief Pilot in command after all efforts to extend the nose gear failed. There was no damage to the runway and minimal damage to the airframe. The aircraft was back on the line within two weeks. It all depends how you do it I guess.

Not so lucky with the Ansett 747-300 which landed with the nose gear retracted, unbeknown to the hapless crew, at YSSY. Although again the runway was unscathed, there was substantial expensive damage to the aircraft.

30th Dec 2004, 23:48
Just so you all know, I WILL be collapsing at midnight tonight!!:p :E

Be prepared


31st Dec 2004, 07:27


Accident. An occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight until such time as all such persons have disembarked, in which:
a) a person is fatally or seriously injured as a result of being in the aircraft, or
b) the aircraft sustains damage or structural failure which:
- adversely affects the structural strength, performance or flight characteristics of the aircraft, and
- would normally require major repair or replacement of the affected component.

According to the local papers the crew are to be congratulated on doing a very good job. The nose gear failed to extend so they dumped fuel to lighten the aircraft then carried out a slow landing, holding off the nose gear as long as possible. They managed to keep the aircraft straight after touchdown and there were no injuries.

Well done the Changchangi crew :ok: and let's hope the second runway at Lagos will re-open soon.

31st Dec 2004, 09:33
294 escape death as two planes crash-land in Lagos

By Kenneth Ehigiator
Thursday, December 30, 2004

LAGOS—TWO major air disasters that would have claimed about 294 passengers yesterday were averted after a Chanchangi Boeing 727 from Port Harcourt and a Kenya Airways Airbus from Nairobi made emergency landing at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Chanchangi plane had 74 passengers on board while the Kenya Airways Airbus is capable of carrying about 220. The exact number on board could not be confirmed.
The nose wheel of Chanchangi aircraft was said to have refused to come out during landing. Vanguard gathered that the alert pilot sent a distress call to the control towers, asking that the runway be prepared for him to force down the aircraft. Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) fire facilities were immediately deployed to the runway to help out should there be any fire in the process of forcing down the aircraft.
The aircraft did not suffer any major damage and there were no deaths or injuries in the incident that occurred on the domestic and only runway now being used by local and foreign airlines because of rehabilitation of the runway meant for international flights.
Accident investigators who were at the scene of the incident immediately commenced investigation to ascertain the cause of the problem. The runway was also temporarily closed to pave the way for towing of the aircraft from the runway, an indication that foreign flights into the country would be delayed.
Also, the Kenya Airways plane, according to a source, had under-carriage problem which made it impossible for it to land, after the tyres failed to come out.
It was learnt that the problem of ejection of the tyres compelled the pilot to force the aircraft down, sparking fires in its under-carriage. Vanguard gathered that the prompt intervention of Federal Airports Authority of Nigerian (FAAN) fire fighting team saved what could have been a major disaster.
Confirming the incident, Airport Manager, Engr. Obi Anadu, said the problem was caused by what he called "under pressures on the breaks" of the aircraft.
Engr. Anadu, who could not tell the number of passengers on board, said the aircraft emitted some smoke which was immediately put under control by FAAN fire service.
Officials of Kenya Airways could not be reached at press time.
Reacting to the incident, the airline’s co-ordinator and public relations officer, Alhaji Mohammed Tukur, commended the pilot for the manner he handled the crisis without any casualty.
Meanwhile, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has grounded all Chanchangi Boeing 727 planes pending further investigation.

Hope this helps, AP

31st Dec 2004, 10:29
The report about the kenya Airways incident is exaggerated to say the least. Just spoke to someone high up in flt ops who said that it was a minor incident on KQ 432/29dec that safely landed at LOS. The rear tyre emmited smoke and the captain informed the control tower and fire fighters were stationed at the foot of the aircraft in case of any emergency. The passengers were discharged and the aircraft was towed to the gate. The problem was immediately fixed by the flight Engr and some ground staff with the capt and the plane boarded its passengers and they finally departed at 1330hrs. The flight touched ground at 1030hrs.

So much for sensational reporting!

31st Dec 2004, 11:01
Regardless of how different sources (the media, people here on pprune etc) are reporting this story, one thing that is glaringly obvious about this whole story is the professionalism of all the crews(Kenyan and Chanchangi) involved as well as the airport officials in dealing with this particular situation. As soggyboxers put it, "let's hope the second runway at Lagos will re-open soon."


31st Dec 2004, 12:10
I think the following article clarifies the KQ incident

NCAA grounds Chanchangi, IRS airlines

Oluseto Olatuyi

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority on Thursday grounded all Boeing 727 aircraft in the fleet of Chanchangi Airlines, following the crash-landing of one of its aircraft on Wednesday.

Chanchangi has five Boeing 727 aircraft, and two Boeing 737 in its fleet.

The regulatory authority also grounded the Boeing 747 aircraft of IRS scheduled for the hajj operations as a result of the failure of the airline to carry out the mandatory checks.

Chanchangi's Boeing 727 aircraft with registration number 5N BEU with about 81 persons, including the crew on board, crashed-landed on Wednesday when the nose wheel gear failed to eject.

The technical failure forced the pilot, Captain Bode Olubiyi, to declare an emergency.

Briefing newsmen on the development, the Media Assistant to the Director General of NCAA, Mr. Sam Adurogboye, said the Authority decided to ground the operations of all Boeing 727 on the airline's fleet to make sure they did not have a similar problem.

"We have suspended the operation of Chanchangi's 727 to check for the malfunctioning of the undercarriage. We want to find out if it affected other aircraft in the category," he said.

Adurogboye praised the pilot's experienced handling of the emergency situation without any damage to the aircraft or loss of life.

He added that the suspension, which does not have a time limit, would also enable NCAA to take a proper look at the documentation of the airline.

Meanwhile, normal activities have resumed on runway 19L, which was closed after the crash-landing.

Adurogboye said the runway had been cleared of the aircraft, while the foam used to prevent the occurrence of fire following the emergency landing had be washed away for inward bound flight.

Corroborating this, the General Manager, Public Affairs of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, Mr. Adamu Abdullahi, said, "Following the authorisation by the Accident Investigation and Prevention Bureau, the aircraft was removed and runway pavement cleared of debris and fire fighting media. The runway was re-opened to traffic at 11.55 pm on December 29, 2004."

Addressing the media earlier, the Coordinator/Public Relations Manager of Chanchangi, Alhaji Mohammed Tukur, said the airline would suspend operations of the affected five aircraft and would maintain skeletal services with the remaining two B737-200 in the airline's fleet.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan Airways aircraft presumed to have crash-landed on Wednesday at the same airport actually had a safe landing.

According to the Airport Manager, Mr. Obi Anadu, in a briefing, the aircraft landed around 10 am in the morning and was taxiing to the apron when a fire was noticed at its tail end.

He explained that the fire fighting officials overheard the communications between the crew members and the control tower and they quickly came to the rescue of the aircraft, and put out the fire.

On the IRS, Adurogboye said the airline was mandated to carry out a C-check on its aircraft parked at the Aminu Kano Airport since last year before it could be allowed to operate this year’s hajj.

Adurogboye, however, said the airline had been allowed to bring in another aircraft to replace the one on ground in Kano.

The Punch, Friday December 31, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 16:33
All this ado is about making a mountain out of a molehill, it's stupefying. :zzz:

1st Jan 2005, 03:39
Disaster at Lagos Airport...?
Nothing ever changes.
DNMM 19L has seen more disasters than just about anywhere in the semi-civilized world.